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Tue, 14.07.2020


Are you looking for a way for your students, particularly in the Junior Cycle and TY, to measure their German proficiency and also experience an oral exam in German?
Fit in Deutsch 1 and 2 are two internationally recognised certificates, which allow your students to demonstrate that they have achieved the language levels A1 or A2 in accordance with the Common European Framework for Languages.
This webinar is aimed at all secondary school teachers and will include:
  • Getting familiar with the exam format
  • Tips for preparing your students for the exam
  • Introducing the oral exam
  • Online material available
Marlies McGuire is a teacher and teacher trainer at Goethe-Institut Irland. She is responsible for offering and conducting DLL (Deutsch Lehren Lernen) teacher training and up-skilling courses as well as organising and conducting the Fit in Deutsch exams. She can also be contacted if you need any help with or have any questions around teaching German.

This course is in an online format and free of charge!

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