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Think German
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Days of German Language
2nd ⁠— 9th October 2020

We are delighted to launch the first All-Ireland Days of German Language #THINKGERMAN this autumn, from 2nd to 9th October 2020.
People from all over the country are cordially invited to join us in celebrating the German language and engage in various activities relating to German. Register now with your individual event and be part of #ThinkGerman!

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Why join us?

Every new language is like an open window that shows a new view of the world and expands your attitude towards life

Frank Harris (1856-1931)

Together, we would like to open up new views of the world and to arouse curiosity. #THINKGERMAN – Days of German language aims to connect people in Ireland who share our interest and passion for the German language and culture and who dedicate themselves to promoting the friendship between Ireland and Germany.

Kindergartens, schools or universities, clubs, companies or libraries – we cordially invite all interested institutions to participate in #THINKGERMAN – Days of German language and to highlight their commitment to support the German language.
Sounds interesting? Become a member of a nationwide community and participate in our joint #THINKGERMAN week. 

How can I participate?

You could organize a quiz about Germany, an open day, a poetry reading, a Poetry-Slam or a concert with German songs. Make your contribution to the German language visible. We are more than happy to assist you in developing your own ideas.

Every institution in Ireland that is related to German language, culture or Germany (e.g. institutes of Higher Education, schools, kindergartens and other educational institutions, companies, clubs, cultural institutions, and others) and is interested in joining #THINKGERMAN – Days of German language with an individual activity from 2nd to 9th October 2020.
Participation allows you to

-Advertise your institution and highlight your commitment to the German language
-Become a member of a national network

There will be a surprise package with small presents for all participating schools, educational institutes and other institutions.
Easy: You will plan an activity or event between 2nd and 9th October 2020 and we will advertise your event in our events calendar. 
Of course, we will also organize some activities. Details will follow soon on our website.
After the event: Share your experiences with us and tell us about your event and your #THINKGERMAN day. You could send us some pictures or short videos with your highlights. We will include late applications on our website.
Are you looking for inspiration and ideas for your event or activity that could enter #THINKGERMAN – Days of German language? Don't worry - we prepared some ideas for you. Of course, these ideas are not mandatory, but could provide some useful guidance. If you already have an idea in mind, please let us know. We would be delighted if it was realized during our #THINKGERMAN week. Do you already have an activity or event related to German language scheduled for early October? No problem. Get in touch and we will include your event, too. The possibilities are almost endless!

Games and fun

-Quiz/competition about Germany or German language 
-German game night
-Language competition (e.g. what is the most beautiful, longest, most difficult word in German language, etc.)--
-Poster competition
-Painting or drawing contest 
-Funny games and a "Gute-Laune" quiz at the city centre / at the train or bus station / in the streets


-Poetry reading
-Fairy-tale reading
-Reading on public transport
-Book trading
-Spoken Word competition and Poetry-Slam
-German writers 

Music and dance
-Music event
-Karaoke party
-Flashmob – Dancing German style
-Concert / Music (competition)
-Special school day – German music during lunch break

Film and theatre

-Lipdub – create a music video
-Create a short film
-Theatrical performance
-Movie night

Material und methods

-Special school day (CLIL)
-Discover Germany – exhibit/ offer current, interesting teaching and learning material (e.g. books, CDs, DVDs): Subject areas: German language, literature, customs, culture (libraries)
-Art and culture
-Poster exhibition
-Collages of famous personalities from Germany
-Exhibition "Typically German"
-Design greeting cards/ post cards  

Meet-ups & tours

-Company visit/ factory tour
-Career day (schools or institutes of higher education)
-Open day
-Info event: study/ scholarships in Germany
-Guided library tour in German language
-Introductory lessons
-Informational event


-Panel discussion
-Track down German history
-Special school day – offering typical German food in the cafeteria
-German dishes in Home Economics
-Passer-by interviews – Do you speak German?
-City tour 

Would you like to share your own ideas with us? We would be more than happy to include them in our list. Just send an email to: inge.wagner@goethe.de

Online materials

Are you looking for online material to use during your event or activity that could enter our #THINKGERMAN week? No need to worry – there are lots of things to discover.

Deutsch für dichFoto: Shutterstock.com, Rawpixel.com

More initiatives for learners and teachers

From “Deutsch für Dich”, the free German learning community of the Goethe-Institut, “Deutsch am Arbeitsplatz”, to “Mein Weg nach Deutschland”, we offer interactive and goal-oriented learning content for every level. Find more on Learn German free of charge. Teachers find more ideas and templates for school lessons on Concepts and Materials



Do you have questions? Our project managers are happy to help!

Michael Hauke

Head of Language Department

Inge Wagner

Project Manager & Organization Debating Competition


Embassy of the Federal Republic of German in Dublin



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