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Avril Stormy Unger

About the Actant

Avril Unger © Avril Unger © Avril Unger Avril Stormy Unger is an inter-disciplinary artist whose work is informed by the nuances of performance. Unger’s practise is rooted in movement and over the last 5 years she has realised durational performance work, with public interventions being her key focus. Exploring different mediums such as photography, virtual reality and site-specific installations has allowed Unger to find new means of expression. Unger is the co-founder of PowerCut, an art gathering aimed at fostering a sense of community across art practices. She also enjoys singing when awake and lucid dreaming when asleep.

Private Parts © Avril Unger © Avril Unger Private Parts examines the repressive systems that underlay social behaviour and society. Each of these systems – being exceedingly binary, coerces people into certain roles, choices and lifestyles. Private Parts is a one-on-one immersive performance that reinvents reality, challenging our ideas of self and others, by exploring gender roles and forced stereotypes. The project is rooted in personal experiences and from conversations with others while researching gender at the intersection of caste and social class. Avril Unger intentionally draws out and exacerbates superficial judgements that society imposes on others by making the participant question gender norms.