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Jagrut Raval

About the Actant

Jagrut Raval © Jagrut Raval © Jagrut Raval Jagrut Raval is an artist, designer and educator. His interdisciplinary art practice spans diverse mediums in various scales presented in the form of installations, photographic printing techniques, videos, drawings, and appropriation of mass produced and found items. His works are inquiries about the notion of Time as experience and its relationship to the human condition. His works critique established truths by investigating, challenging and subverting perceptions about collective memory in the public sphere. He graduated with an MFA in Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, USA, and a Bachelor of Design from CEPT University, Ahmedabad.

Forgetten Immortals of India © Jagrut Raval © Jagrut Raval FORGOTTEN IMMORTALS OF INDIA | CHAPTER 1: ASHWATHAMA: The incident is conceptualized as a performance lecture on the research findings about the character of Ashwathama from the epic of Mahabharatha, who is believed to be immortal and roams the jungles of Madhya Pradesh. The artist will narrate anecdotes from his various encounters with Ashwathama by presenting materials collected from his several journeys in search of the immortal being.