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Koustav Nag

About the Actant

Koustav Nag © Koustav Nag © Koustav Nag Born in Kharagour, West Bengal, Koustav Nag grew up in a nuclear family and inherited an interest in political and social issues; political propaganda and posters have been a major inspiration. Koustav completed his Honours degree from Indira Kala Sangeet Visawvidaylaya (2005) and has an MA from Visva Bharati University (2007). Though trained as a printmaker, he has always been involved in multidisciplinary practices. Koustav is an awardee of a Ministry of Culture Scholarship (2007) and Lalit Kala Fellowship. He has participated in several residencies and exhibitions, including Tokyo Wonder Site Japan, World Bank USA, Religare Arts’I Delhi, Niv Art Centre Delhi, Sarai Reader-II and Crack Bangladesh, etc. Koustav is currently pursuing a Ph.D. from Assam University, Silchar.

Pathoremanush: The Narrative of the Bricks © Koustav Nag © Koustav Nag Bricks are an important unit for society and urbanity, as well as being one of the most reproduced objects. Through Pathoremanush: Narrative of the Bricks, a site-specific activity will explore the peripherals of the working community of Pathartila and identify the relationship between the people, their soil and the bricks as their remedy for hunger. Performing either as a group or as individuals, according to the preferences of the artists and the situation, the interactive process will have a critical understanding of the time and space.