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Ruchira Das

About the Actant

Ruchira Das © Ruchira Das © Ruchira Das Early in her career, Ruchira Das decided to leave the corporate world to follow her heart and work with the arts. Of the many hats she wears, she likes the ThinkArts one the most since it allows her to create imaginative experiences for children and young people. She has led several projects with teenagers and is always inspired by their creative energy and unique ideas.
Teen Takeover @MMB © Ruchira Das © Ruchira Das Teen Takeover@MMB is an invitation to the teenagers of Kolkata to imagine the next few decades not through the lens of technology; but through the lens of human emotions and society. It is as much an exercise of looking into the future as it is to examine what they find precious in their current lives and would want to hold on to. They will then be urged to find artistic expressions to present their views by curating spaces within the Institut that they haven’t explored before! 

The project hopes to bring into the space not only new audiences, but also unfamiliar conversations both in terms of content and form. At the heart of the project is our belief that young people form a vital part of our society, and cultural spaces must curate engagements for them on a regular basis to ensure that they are an active participant in the cultural dialogues.