Travel grant
Travel grants for curatorial research

Our funding gives curators an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of international contemporary art and to network with the German and foreign art scenes.  

Drei Personen betrachten Bilder einer Ausstellung.  © Pexels / Matheus Viana

Conditions of Funding

Curators based in Germany

We support research abroad leading to an exhibition or other event in Germany by providing partial funding, e.g. to cover travelling expenses and/or a grant towards accommodation costs. The maximum grant per research trip is usually €5,000. We do not cover material costs or pay fees.
This funding is not meant to cover: academic research trips, shortfalls in funding to cover travelling expenses for a residency, curating already planned exhibition projects abroad, guest lectures.

  • If you are travelling to places abroad where a Goethe-Institut is located, please get in touch with the staff there ahead of time and discuss whether collaboration with the local Goethe-Institut is possible and worthwhile. If you are going to be actively involved in Goethe-Institut projects during your research trip, please make separate arrangements with the Goethe-Institut concerned regarding your fees and expenses etc.
  • You are required to submit documentary proof of your travels (e.g. plane/train tickets, hotel receipts etc.) and a brief report within two months after the end of our research trip.
  • If you curate any exhibitions, projects, publications etc. drawing on the results of your research trip, you are required to notify us and explicitly mention the Goethe-Institut’s patronage and include the Goethe-Institut logo on all project-related media (printed matter, online etc.).

The following information is requested in the application portal:
  • The applicant's contact details
  • Information about the project itself (title, short description, destination, travel period, etc.)

Please upload the following information to the portal as a single document in pdf format:
  • Brief CV
  • Your detailed project description. The project description must include a list of costs (both expenses and, if applicable, income, own and third-party funds)
  • An overview of your travel plan. In addition to the duration and destination of the trip, the itinerary should also include the specific places, institutions, and people, you intend to meet during your research.

You may also submit additional documents that are relevant to your specific trip (e.g. confirmations from partners, institutions, other funding organizations, etc.). You also have the option of adding links to the project, personal and institutional websites, previous artistic or curatorial projects, etc. in the portal.

Please note the applicable privacy policy:

  • Applications may be submitted from mid-November to mid-January for the following year. The exact date can be found under "Next application deadline" on this page.
  • Applications can only be submitted via the Goethe-Institut's digital funding portal, which will be open for this period.
  • If you do not yet have a profile in the portal, you will first have to register. You will find the registration link on this page as soon as the portal opens.
  • The final decision of the jury will be announced in mid-February of the following year.
  • Please note that you must start the research trip within the year in which you applied for it.
  • Renewed funding is only possible after three years.
  • Each application can only be submitted once.
  • Legal recourse is excluded.

Next application deadline

The application deadline for research trips starting in 2025 is 15 January 2025 at 15:00 (CET). Applications are expected to be possible from 15 November 2024.
The jury's decision will be announced in mid-February.
More details will follow shortly.


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