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Many children run towards the camera on the beach at sunsetPhoto: © Goethe-Institut/Sorapong Sawawiboon

Global Learning

We make learning together possible while promoting the German language and knowledge exchange.

Our approach

Education is a basis for forward-looking reflection and the shaping of societal change. It enables self-determination, equal opportunities and open dialogue. Learning a language sustainably influences your educational biography. It expands horizons, creates access to education and higher education, and promotes societal participation.

Digitalisation can create chances and, at the same time, lead to changed forms of communication, learning habits and offers.
Through our worldwide network, we teach the German language in the educational settings of the guest countries, promote international cultural exchange and knowledge transfer, and make a contribution to improving the framework conditions for cultural production and the creative economy. We reflect on the concept of learning together with our partners and develop it further. With our language learning and examination programmes, we support the internationalisation of educational and work biographies and strengthen dialogue with Germany. We communicate a comprehensive image of Germany in the world. Both in Germany and abroad, we enable joint and mutual learning.

Our Spheres of Activity

German language in international educational systems

We work with educational institutions in Germany and abroad in order to anchor the learning of the German language in the education systems of the guest countries on a long-term basis. In doing so we give and receive important impetus for the further development of our teaching and learning methods, and our programmes.
When it comes to qualifying teachers, we place emphasis, alongside German as a foreign language, on digital teaching and learning, intercultural learning as well as the didactics of multilingualism. We are extending our programmes for teaching staff as important disseminators of the German language. Via grants and exchange programmes for school pupils we inform, promote and interconnect people who are interested in learning German as a foreign language.

Programmes for learning the German language

As a provider of German courses and examinations, we make it possible for people all over the world to learn German with a tailored and suitable format. In Germany and our guest countries we develop needs-based and target-group oriented programmes for learning the German language according to advanced methods. With personalised and easy-to-understand programmes, we enable self-determined learning and varied, equal-opportunity access to our educational offers.

Germany in the world

We provide information worldwide about culture, society and life in Germany. We thereby expand the possibilities of physical and digital formats for information, dialogue and exchange.

Further qualification in the cultural sector

We develop programmes for professional further qualification in all cultural sectors. Our educational programmes are aimed at cultural professionals, representatives of public and private cultural institutions and creative entrepreneurs with the opportunity of gaining internationally recognised accredited qualifications. We strengthen cultural infrastructures and contribute to improving the framework conditions for cultural production and cooperation in our guest countries.

Digital and media-related education

We provide programmes for the improvement of media skills and strengthen the knowledge transfer within libraries as well as global educational and exchange spaces on the internet. We open routes of access, make different realities experienceable and experiment with new technologies and programme concepts such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality or gaming.

International educational expertise for Germany

We incorporate our experiences in international educational work into content-related and methodological further development of educational programmes in Germany. These include programmes to fight right-wing extremism, racism and anti-Semitism, above all for young people. The cross-cultural, societal cohesion and the common dedication to creating a cosmopolitan, diverse society in Germany are the central point of focus in doing so.

Example of our Work

The Goethe-Institut in motion

The Goethe-Institut is active in almost 100 countries around the world, and everywhere the focus is on international interactions and understanding.

Further Goals