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Full Solidarity with Ukraine

The Goethe-Institut is in full solidarity with the Ukrainian people and especially its partners. Secretary General Johannes Ebert said: "We are appalled by the breach of international law by the Russian government and the escalation of violence in Ukraine driven by it. We support the measures adopted by the German government and the European Commission. Our greatest attention at the moment is on our staff and partners in culture and education, to support them as much as is currently possible."

Johannes Ebert continues: "More and more colleagues are now in western Ukraine, in neighboring countries or in Germany. However, numerous colleagues are still in Kyiv. We very much hope that humanitarian corridors for the evacuation of civilians will materialize."

The Goethe-Institut Kyiv continues to offer digital language courses as long as the course participants wish to participate. Program work is currently at a standstill. The library remains closed until further notice.

"The Goethe-Institut is active in Ukraine, in Germany but also in most of Ukraine's neighboring countries and can therefore act as a bridge in several respects," Ebert continued. "It's very specifically about individual emergency aid for partners and employees. In addition, at the moment it is a matter of maintaining contact with Ukrainian cultural workers and listening to what is concretely needed from their point of view. The work of our Goethe-Instituts in Russia has of course also changed. All public events have been canceled. Every cooperation must be put to the test, and cooperation with government agencies must be stopped. At the same time, however, Russian civil society needs support and contacts. It is important, especially now, to keep channels of communication open - for independent artists and civil society actors. We are closely monitoring current developments and adjusting our decisions accordingly at short notice."

As of March 8, 2022