Video response to New Nature

NN Video
© Goethe-Institut Montreal, Olivia McGilchrist

Tauchen Sie mit uns ein in diesen ersten Tag von NEW NATURE. Dieses Video der Montrealer Medienkünstlerin Olivia McGilchrist ist eine kreative Antwort auf die Zoom-Präsentationen des 25. Mai 2020. Es reflektiert visuell über die Details und die Vielfalt der vorgestellten Ideen und Projekte, und darüber, wie miteinander verbunden und/oder komplementär viele von ihnen zu sein scheinen. 

NN Video
This 45s clip is a creative response to the zoom presentations on May 25th, reflecting visually on the detail and variety of ideas and projects evoked; and how interconnected / complementary many of them appear to be. The text refers to the participant's projects mentioned today relating to WATER (I may have missed some) superimposed on combined layers of footage taken since COVID-19, where my own relationship to nature is changing. Hearing so many original approaches was deeply inspiring. NEW NATURE - An Immersive Media and Climate Science Exchange between Germany - Canada - US - Mexico New Nature is a project by the Goethe-Institut, realized with the support of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany, and curated by Canadian documentary filmmaker and independent programmer Samara Chadwick. Partners include: the National Film Board of Canada, Centre Phi, Milieux Institute at Concordia University, Museum of the Moving Image, Massive Science, UnionDocs Center for Documentary Art, and Retune - Creative Technology Platform. More info about NEW NATURE and the speakers: Conceived by: Olivia McGilchrist. Artist using photography, video, sound, virtual
Der Text bezieht sich auf die Projekte der Teilnehmer in Bezug auf WASSER, die auf kombinierte Schichten von seit COVID-19 aufgenommenem Filmmaterial gelegt werden, wobei sich ihre eigene Beziehung zur Natur verändert. Im Video erwähnte Arbeiten/Projekte: 
  • Land as Pedagogy - New Nature Opening Keynote by Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, moderated by Ian Mauro
  • The Shore Line and SwampScapes by Liz Miller
  • Unexpected Growth and Evolution of Fish by Tamiko Thiel
  • About page, Synthetic Collective by Heather Davis and collaborators
  • Coastal Terrarium and Tidal Drift by Allison Moore
  • FLOW / Im Fluss by Luftwerk
  • Keywords, Making and Doing Politics Through Grassroots Scientific Research on the Energy and Petrochemical Industries by Sara Wylie, Nick Shapiro, Max Liboiron
  • Deep Swamp by Tega Brain
  • Coral reefs in Mozilla Hubs room, mentioned by Silke Schmidt