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Online German Youth Camp
without any previous
knowledge of German

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  • For complete beginners
  • Interactive online live Sessions
  • Immediate entry into everyday communication
  • Live city tour through Freiburg

"Hallo! Ich heiße Laura. Wie heißt du?"
("Hello! My name is Laura. What's your name?")

In this digital youth camp, teenagers with no previous knowledge of German discover the language in lessons at the Goethe-Institut. They learn to actively use German and communicate in German from the first lesson.

The camp ...

  • generates enthusiasm for learning German.
  • shows that learning German is fun and not at all difficult.
  • motivates to start learning German as a new foreign language.
  • is suitable for gaining a first impression of the German language.
  • provides an insight into the picturesque city of Freiburg.

DISCOVER GERMAN without any previous knowledge of it

Get to know German with other young people - this is what teenagers aged 10-18 can do with the new innovative digital youth camp for absolute beginners.

The interactive online live lessons of 12 units take place in small groups of 12-16 participants under the guidance of an experienced teacher. Closed (school) classes or groups can register for the price of 400 euros per person.    
With video and audio material specially developed for this camp, the young people take part virtually in everyday experiences in Germany and get their first authentic impressions of the German language and culture through direct contact with locals in live projects. By imitating linguistic chunks, the participants playfully acquire a first minimal vocabulary with which they can immediately enter into everyday communication. 

Curiosity and enthusiasm for the German language are immediately awakened. From here, the further learning journey with the Goethe-Institut can begin.
  • Level
    for absolute beginners
    without previous knowledge of German

  • Start
    as agreed upon per group

  • Duration
    5 course days

  • Hours per week
    Monday - Friday
    9:00 - 11:30 am (CET) daily + a 90-minute digital city rally with the quiz app Actionbound

  • Total scope
    12 lessons
    45 minutes each

  • Participants
    max. 16
    age: 10-18 years old

  • Price
    EUR 400 per participant

    Registration for groups only

Varied mix

  • Digital classroom instruction

    Digital classroom instruction

    as live online group sessions at fixed times.

  • Digital city rally through Freiburg

    with the quiz app "Actionbound".

  • support

    Personal mentoring

    through individual feedback from the teacher.

What does the Online youth camp without previous knowledge of German offer?

The Online youth camp without previous knowledge of German is aimed at young people who have had little or no contact with the German language and the German language and culture area. It offers the opportunity to get in touch with German in a playful way - online and in a group with other young people.


For this youth camp, the teenagers need no previous knowledge of German or English. Through universal forms of communication such as pictures, videos, gestures, facial expressions and imitating linguistic chunks, the young people are introduced to German in a playful and intuitive way. Through this, they acquire a first minimal vocabulary and can quickly hold simple conversations ("Hello, my name is...", "How are you?" etc.) in German.


Step by step, the teenagers will be able to work on their first simple, varied online exercises, both on their own and in a group. With the help of videos, pictures, audios and simple reading and cloze texts, the teenagers practise the skills of listening, reading and writing at a basic level. In the live sessions, they can also practise speaking simple German in a familiar atmosphere.


If questions arise, the teenagers can exchange information with their fellow learners via the online forum or contact their teacher. Of course, this is also possible in English.
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FAQs – Frequently asked questions

Any other questions? We are happy to help: partner@goethe.de