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The Centre for international Cultural Education in Mannheim

Cultural life in Mannheim is as multifaceted as its inhabitants. This city nestling at the heart of the metropolitan area known as the Rhine-Neckar region is coloured both by its industry and migration and also as a result of the many and diverse scientific institutions located there. This is where the Goethe-Institut fires up the engines of the Mannheim Centre for international Cultural Education. The Goethe-Institut brings people together at a lively interface between Mannheim and the rest of the world, it enables intercultural exchange and it supports empowerment. It bolsters and invigorates the countless and extraordinarily committed players on its doorstep while at the same time creating a long-term, international network.

The Centre for international Cultural Education at the Mannheim Goethe-Institut provides a wide scope for exciting perspectives to combat racist, anti-Semitic, right-wing extremist and other kinds of inhuman behaviour, perspectives that up to now have not been exploited. We take up an unequivocal position with our projects and measures, reflecting this from the cosmopolitan and stunningly diverse city of Mannheim back into the world.

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Expanding Narratives! Wie frei sind Sinti* und Roma* in der Kunst heute? Foto: Daniel Rumiancew © Zachęta — National Gallery of Art

Podiumsdiskussion am 03.12.2023
Podiumsdiskussion – Expanding Narratives!

Am Sonntag, 03.12.2023 widmen sich bei einer Podiumsdiskussion verschiedene Künstler*innen der Frage, wie frei Sinti* und Roma* in der Kunst heute sind. Als Gäste begrüßt dazu das Goethe-Institut Mannheim Małgorzata Mirga-Tas, Wojciech Szymański, Carmen Baltzar und David Weiss.

The international team of the Black Academy © Lys Y. Seng


Networking, knowledge production and education – The Black Academy has been offering a platform for global networking and making the expertise of Black people visible since February 2022.

Contact in Mannheim

Meike Weber
Project Leader Cultural Education