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German Online Courses

Anytime and anywhere: Learn German online and with our proven Goethe quality. No matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, no matter whether you want to learn German for professional or private reasons, you will find the right German online course for you.

German online courses with a teacher

Learn German online with one of our highly qualified Goethe teachers, alone or in a group with other German learners from all over the world.

Top Offer
Deutsch Online Individual

German Individual Online

  • Individual mentoring and support
  • Maximum flexibility in terms of timing
  • Course start is possible at any time
  • Levels: A1-C1
German Online Group Course

German Online group course

  • Interactive group exercises
  • Speak German in Live Sessions
  • Course start on fixed dates
  • Levels: A1-C2
Intensive German courses © istock

Intensive German Online

  • High learning intensity through daily lessons
  • 75 lessons in total
  • Learning goals are achieved quickly thanks to intensive support
  • Regular examination options

Online training without a teacher

Learn German independently online anytime and anywhere (24/7), without a teacher, and with our proven Goethe quality.

Speak German online

Practise actively speaking German with native speakers in a relaxed atmosphere.

Online German Examination Preparation

Prepare effectively for the Goethe-Zertifikat exam. In these courses, you will work across all four areas of the examination: reading, writing, listening and speaking (oral module).

In person or online
Header Exam preparation in a group setting

Exam preparation in a group setting

  • Intensive preparation in a group setting
  • 20-Hour live course (on Zoom or at the institute)
  • Direct feedback from a Goethe teacher
  • Levels B1, B2, C1, C2
Online Individual B1 exam preparation

Online Individual B1 exam preparation

  • Self-directed learning
  • 60 units supported on the learning platform
  • 3 live sessions as a group (on Zoom)
  • Written feedback from your Goethe teacher

Online solutions for business clients

Provide your employees with the opportunity to improve their language skills online. Contact us and we will make you an individual offer.

Two men in suit sitting on sofa photo Photo: Austin Distel on Unsplash

German Online for Companies

  • Personal consultation
  • Individual quotation
  • Levels: A1-C1

Online German courses for all needs

If it is not possible for you to take a German course at a Goethe-Institut in Germany, we also have some exciting online courses to offer. With our German Training Online you can take an online course of five to seven hours per week over three months, whenever you have the time. Here you will find all the advantages of the Goethe-Institut in an online German training without a teacher.

If you want to improve your B1 level grammar skills and practise without being tied to a specific place or time, our German B1 Online Grammar Training is the right choice for you. It is particularly suitable as a supplement to a B1 German course or to refresh B1 grammar skills if you already have German language skills at a higher level.

You would like to practise speaking German, but haven't had the right opportunity yet or haven't dared to do so? No problem - with our Speak German Online offer you can speak German in a relaxed atmosphere in one-to-one conversations with native speakers.

The language levels of the German online courses

Just like the classroom courses at the Goethe-Institut, you can choose between any of the six consecutive levels of difficulty: A1-C2. Before the start of your online German course, we offer a free placement test to place you in the right course level. If you are looking for an online German course specifically for your job, you can use our Goethe Test Pro to quickly find out how good your current German language skills are for the workplace.

Booking forms

You can register for German courses online in our shop and pay via Visa/Mastercard or PayPal. Customers who do not pay their course fee themselves can use our interactive booking form to register and provide us with a different billing address. Selecting your choice of course location will send the form to the course location of your choice.

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