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German Online Courses

Anytime and anywhere: Learn German online and with our proven Goethe quality. No matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, no matter whether you want to learn German for professional or private reasons, you will find the right German online course for you.

Online training without a teacher

Learn German online independently, without a teacher, with varied exercises and with our time-tested Goethe quality.

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German online courses with a teacher

Learn German online with one of our highly qualified Goethe teachers, alone or in a group with other German learners from all over the world.

German Online Group Course

German Online group course

  • Interactive group exercises
  • Speak German in Live Sessions
  • Course start on fixed dates
  • Levels: A1-C1
Deutsch Online Individual

Deutsch Online Individual

  • Individual mentoring and support
  • Maximum flexibility in terms of timing
  • Course start is possible at any time
  • Levels: A1-C1
Intensive German courses © istock

Intensive German Online

  • High learning intensity through daily lessons
  • 75 lessons in total
  • Learning goals are achieved quickly thanks to intensive support
  • Regular examination options
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Online solutions for business clients

Provide your employees with the opportunity to improve their language skills online. Contact us and we will make you an individual offer.

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German Online for Companies

  • Personal consultation
  • Individual quotation
  • Levels: A1-C1

Online German courses for all needs

If it is not possible for you to take a German course at a Goethe-Institut in Germany, we also have some exciting online courses to offer. With our new German Training Online you can take an online course of five to seven hours per week over three months, whenever you have the time. Here you will find all the advantages of the Goethe-Institut in an online German course without a teacher.

Another option is our course Deutsch Online Individual. Here you have a German online course with your own personal who focuses on your learning success and practices with you exclusively. You determine the start date and learning rhythm yourself.

A combination of both course types is the German Online group course. Here you will learn German online together with other participants from all over the world and will be supported by our teachers. You will meet your teacher and the other participants for regular Online Live Sessions, but you will also work on your own online tasks and exchange ideas with other members of your German Online learning group. You will have eight lessons per week, half of them as Online Live Sessions.
One thing applies to all online German courses at the Goethe-Institut: You need your own online-enabled device, e.g. a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The levels of the online German courses

In contrast to the classroom courses at the Goethe-Institut, you can only choose between five of the six consecutive levels of difficulty. The final course C2, the "Großes Deutsches Sprachdiplom", can only be taken as part of an on-site classroom course. All other levels are available online. Before the start of your online German course, we offer a free placement test to place you in the right course level. If you are looking for an online German course specifically for your job, you can use our Goethe Test Pro to quickly find out how good your current German language skills are for the workplace.

We use the scale of competence of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages in our online German course offerings. However, the online German courses only teach subsections of the respective levels. At the German Online group course, levels A1 and A2 are split into three subsections, levels B1 to C1 into four.
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