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German Face-to-face Courses

So you have decided to improve your German language skills by taking a German course at a Goethe-Institut? We want to make sure that you find the type of on-site course that best suits your needs and your life situation. Whether it's an intensive- , weekend- or group course, we have offers for almost everyone.

Intensive courses

The intensive course program will enable you to develop your language skills and combine any number of courses to create a systematic language-learning program. On request we can organize a suitable accommodation for you.

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Intensive German

  • High learning intensity through daily lessons
  • 75 lessons in total
  • Learning goals are achieved quickly thanks to intensive support
  • Regular examination options
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Intensive German Concise

  • High learning intensity through daily lessons
  • 50 lessons in total
  • Flexible start every 2 weeks
  • Up to €100 discount for multiple bookings
  • Only in Berlin and Munich
In person or online

Evening and weekend courses

Are you living in Germany and interested in improving your German? Or would you like to learn German after work? Our evening and weekend courses offer you efficient language training with plenty of variety.

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German in the evening

  • Lessons 2 - 3 times a week
  • Continuous language training
  • Can be combined optimally with work or studies

German on Saturdays

  • Intensive learning on Saturday
  • 12 week continuous language training
  • Can be combined optimally with work or studies

Private or Small Group Lessons

You can't get more personalised and flexible!
Do you want to learn German, but in a way that suits your wishes and at the time you want? Learn German in individual lessons or with up to four of your colleagues as a small group.

Learn German in Germany

A German-speaking environment is a real advantage if you want to learn German effectively. That is why courses at the Goethe-Institut in Germany are combined with a stay in a guesthouse, a host family or a reduced-price partner hotel. Engaging in everyday life in Germany can make a big contribution to your German language skills. A bus ride, a shopping tour through the pedestrian zone or a visit to the cinema become small learning units.

Lessons in class take place in small groups, our competent teachers have at least 300 hours of teaching experience in German as a foreign language. If you are working a dayjob, you can attend your course in the evenings and on weekends. We have an offer for morning classes, as well. There are also special preparation courses for specific professions, like a course for lawyers in Bonn or a course for architects in Munich. Together with the other participants in the group courses you can explore the surroundings and immerse yourselves in the German language together.

That makes our German courses unique...

The right level, the right time

You can start your German course at the Goethe-Institut at one of six consecutive levels of expertise. From the beginner's level with the designation A1 to the Großes Deutsches Sprachdiplom (Grand German Language Diploma) at level C2, we offer courses that correspond to the six-level scale of competence of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

For a thorough assessment of your language level in a short time, we offer an individual placement test. There you will get a rating of your language skills and get suggestions for suitable courses. After that, you are free to choose whether you want to attend one of our classic German courses in a group, a job-related special- or intensive course, or a course on the weekend, in the evening or in the morning. For our on-site courses, we also offer accommodation and partnerships with local hotels or boarding houses.


Booking forms

You can register for German courses online in our shop and pay via Visa/Mastercard or PayPal. Customers who do not pay their course fee themselves can use our interactive booking form to register and provide us with a different billing address. Selecting your choice of course location will send the form to the course location of your choice.

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