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Competent support in the field of skilled labour immigration

The Goethe-Institut is on hand to support your company in both the onboarding process and with the language training needs of your employees – in Germany, abroad or during the immigration phase. We offer high-quality general language learning concepts and tailor-made training opportunities, as well as integration and inter-cultural training.

German Courses: Individuals

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The Goethe-Institut offers a variety of ways to learn German – be it online or in person. You can choose between intensive, individual, evening and weekend courses. Depending on individual preferences, time flexibility, intensity or location independence can be prioritised.


In our in-person courses, you learn German at a local Goethe-Institut.
The teaching materials and the use of our media libraries are included!

Online Courses

Our online courses allow you to learn German individually – independent of location and flexible in terms of time. You can choose between group courses with a teacher, or learn independently at your own pace. 

Job-specific German courses

In our job-specific language courses, your employees will acquire German skills relevant to their job, so that they can quickly find their way around their job and everyday life in Germany. The courses build on existing language skills, and can be taken from level B2.

At the Goethe-Institut Munich
German for Architects

This course is focussed on architects, interior designers, civil engineers and draughtsmen. A lecturer from the Chamber of Architects (Architektenkammer) is here to train participants in legal matters and typical communication situations relevant to the profession. 

At the Goethe-Institut Schwäbisch Hall
German for Work

The German For Work training programme teaches job-specific vocabulary at level B2, as well as cultural aspects and thus enables a confident linguistic appearance in the workplace. 

German Courses: Groups

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In addition to an individual registration option for your professionals, we also offer your company the possibility of registering closed groups under the condition of a homogeneous language level. The general language courses take place in person at a Goethe-Institut in Germany of your choice, or online. If required, we will furnish you with an offer tailored to the needs of your professionals. We take into account your time preferences and your wishes regarding the course’s intensity.


The Ready For Work course is a specific training concept that can be optimally integrated into the onboarding process of your employees. The course can be taken from level B2. Technical vocabulary and learning the cultural aspects of German communication make it easier for your new employees to get started in your company. The course can be customised as needed, and takes place in closed groups for your employees. 

German Exams


Goethe-Zertifikat A1 - C2

The “Goethe-Zertifikat” is an internationally recognised proof of your German language skills, and is accepted by employers and educational institutions as proof of qualification. This can be taken at all language levels.

To our German Exams

Exams for business customers

The Goethe-Institut offers job-specific tests to determine the language level of your employees. The results can be used as a basis for further training opportunities or serve as proof of German language skills relevant to the profession.

Goethe-Test PRO:
Deutsch für den Beruf

With the Goethe Test PRO, you can determine the individual language level of your employees at the Goethe-Institut Mannheim.The group that you enrol in starts at the same language level. Immediately afterwards, the participants receive their certificate. 


The Goethe Test PRO Pflege can be used to demonstrate subject-specific language skills at a B2 language level. Group registration is possible via the form below, and will take place at your preferred Goethe-Institut in Germany. An examination for individual students can be booked directly via the website of the Goethe-Institut Hamburg.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions


You can register for German courses online in our shop and pay via Visa/Mastercard or PayPal. Customers who do not pay their course fee themselves can use our interactive booking form to register and provide us with a different billing address. Selecting your choice of course location will send the form to the course location of your choice.