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German evening course in Mannheim

  • Optimal compatibility with studies or work
  • Intensive, continuous learning
  • Free placement test
  • Teaching materials included

Do you live in Mannheim and would like to learn German or improve your German language skills? The German evening course guarantees intensive, continuous learning at the right level for you. And another plus point: the course is perfectly compatible with studies or work!

Learning German – interactive and practical

During our German Evening Course, you will learn German continuously over several weeks. The efficient and varied lessons cover the skills of reading, listening, writing and speaking. You will be accompanied by our highly qualified Goethe teachers. A maximum group size of 16 participants guarantees close supervision at all times. The course takes place on two evenings per week – this creates a regular learning rhythm that is sure to lead to success.
The use of our media library for individual learning, as well as all teaching materials, are an inclusive part of the course.

The Goethe-Institut Mannheim is located between the River Rhine and the Luisenpark and can be optimally reached using public transport. 
  • Estimated progress per course
    A sub-level of an overall level

  • Duration
    12 weeks

  • Total scope
    72 lessons of 45 minutes each

  • Participants
    max. 16 per class

  • Course location
    Goethe-Institut Mannheim
    Oskar-Meixner-Str. 6
    68163 Mannheim

  • Price
    EUR 799

Upcoming dates

There are currently no dates available.

Sub-levels per evening course

According to the Common European Framework of Reference for languages Kursstufenmodell_Abend_d_EN = 1 Course German in the evening à 72 h 72h A1 1 Evening course 72h 72h A2 2 Evening courses 72h 72h B1 2 Evening courses 72h 72h 72h B2 3 Evening courses 72h 72h C1 2 Evening courses 72h 72h C2 2 Evening courses One teaching unit (h) = 45 minutes Basic language use Independent language use Proficient language use

The number of lessons that are usually required to reach a certain level and take the corresponding Goethe certificate are based on experience. Individual aspects such as language learning experience and native language also play an important role. We will grade you before the start of the course in order to ensure optimal learning success.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

We are happy to advise you +49 89 1222 3 1222 from Mon to Fri, 8am – 6pm: kundenservice-d@goethe.de
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