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Crowd Banner© Goethe-Institut London

International Dance Exchange

CROWD is the Goethe-Institut’s international dance residency programme developed together with European partners in a time when we feel international sharing and human connection is needed more than ever.
This research programme aims to support dance artists with an established practice in community engaged dance making.

Through a series of residencies in Germany, Finland, the Netherlands and the UK, participating artists will have the opportunity to extend their professional network, work alongside peers to exchange and develop their individual and collective practice, whilst generating new knowledge in the area of community engagement in dance.
The selected artists will work in two groups of three across 2021, coming together on three occasions in each of their home countries, hosted by one of the partners. Between residencies the network of six artists and six partners as well as Goethe-Institut colleagues from across the region will come together digitally to explore cross over themes, hear from experts and develop a shared understanding of the practice of community engagement in dance.



Emma Lewis-Jones Emma Lewis-Jones, Vereinigtes Königreich | © Emilio Costa Jungjohann
Pontus Linder Pontus Linder, Finnland | © Johanna Rontu
Hannah Sampé Hannah Sampé, Deutschland | © Arnaud Beelen
Victor Fung Victor Fung, Vereinigtes Königreich | © Victor Fung
Jija Sohn Jija Sohn, Niederlande | © Renate Beense
Agnetha Jaunich Agnetha Jaunich, Germany | © Agnetha Jaunich

The CROWD Partners:

Arts Council England (UK), NRW KULTURsekretariat (DE), Dansateliers (NL), TaikaBox (FI), TanzFaktur (DE), Pottporus (DE) The Work Room (UK) and Dance4 (UK) working with the Goethe-Institut.

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