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FitGreenMind X Goethe-Institut London

Maya Leinenbach is one of Germany's best-known food bloggers © Maya Leinenbach

Whether you are young person in Germany or in the UK – there is one thing that concerns us all in the same way: climate change! Besides taking to the streets in Fridays for Future protests or reducing flying, there are many small, day-to-day habits you can tweak to live a more sustainable life.
Did you know, for example, that a vegan diet results in a 75% reduction in climate-heating emissions, water pollution and land use compared to a diet with a daily meat intake of 100g? Cooking vegan dishes is often still seen as more work or requiring difficult-to-find ingredients, but 19-year old cooking influencer Maya (FitGreenMind) from Germany shows us that it’s actually pretty easy: She creates super-fast, yummy recipes that make eating vegan tasty and fun – and you can even learn some German along the way!
More than 3 million followers are already on their cooking journey, and we hope to get you involved as well!

Maya Leinenbach is one of Germany's best-known food bloggers © Maya Leinenbach

Win a workshop with Maya!

We have partnered with Maya to offer a new, exciting sustainable food & German competition with an incredible prize: The winner classroom gets a cooking workshop with Maya, can chat to her about her channel and life in Germany, and practice their creative, cooking and German skills at the same time! Other prizes include Maya’s cookbook, fairtrade spices, and other prizes for second and third places.

The competition starts on the 6th December 2023 and runs until the 29th February 2024. You can participate as a classroom group, a smaller group from a classroom or as an individual, but the main prize will be shared with your classroom. Only primary and secondary schools and students living in the UK can participate in this competition. Your native language cannot be German.

  1. Find a recipe you have always liked and make it vegan! You can use Maya’s channel as an inspiration and alternatively also try out one of her recipes, or you can invent your own recipe!
  2. Then, record a short video of your cooking journey – a bit like Mayas videos – and try to use the German words for the ingredients you’re using! Please also tell us why you chose this recipe, where you sourced your products and what your motivation for trying a vegan dish was*.
  3. Finally, send the video alongside the recipe (in German) to, either directly or via providers like wetransfer with a message referring to the competition. We will publish all German recipes in a virtual recipe book created by students from all over the UK. With your consent, we can also publish your video, but this is of course up to you!

    ​​​​​​​*There are many different reasons for why we might be interested in eating more plant-based dishes, e. g. animal welfare or climate change. It can also be interesting to think about where our produce comes from, e. g. is it from our local region or has it travelled from a far-away-country, which makes it less climate-friendly? We can also think about fairness and ask ourselves what the production conditions for certain products are like and if they are fair for the people producing them.

The winners will be contacted in the week commencing 4th March 2024.

​​​​​​​The winning classroom group will have the workshop with Maya on the 25th March 2024 at their school. The school will have to provide a kitchen space for Maya and the classroom to cook together. Second and third prizes will be sent to the school directly.


We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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