Competition German Olympics (IDO)

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Fri, 24.04.2020 -
Sat, 08.08.2020

The German Olympics (IDO) is the biggest competition for the German language. Every two years over 100 students from all around the world meet to compete in their most beloved foreign language.
We are happy to welcome the German Olympics for schools worldwide to the United Kingdom in 2020 for the third time. The final will take place in Dresden, 26 July to 08 August 2020. The United Kingdom is eligible to send two secondary school students born between 10/11 August 2002 to 26/27 July 2006. The German Olympics promotes young people from all around the world to encounter one another thanks to the fact they all study German. They will become friends and build up an international network.

How to take part
The national preliminary decision will take place on 24 April 2020 in a digital format. Futher information will follow after you have registered.
To take part in the national preliminary decision in London, you will have to hand in two tasks:
1st task: Please write a paragraph of 100 words on the following question:
              Was gefällt dir an den deutschsprachigen Ländern am besten?
2nd task: Please record a video or audio file (max. 1:30 minutes) on the following question: Was ist typisch deutsch?
Have fun and be creative!

Every candidate has to hand in his/her own text and video in German without external help, please. However, you are allowed to have background actors in your video.

Please send your short paragraph and your video or audio file as well as the below registration form to by Friday, 3 April 2020.
Important information
Not allowed to take part in the competition are students who:
  • spent more than 6 months in Germany
  • are German native speakers or where at least one parent is German
  • students from German schools or from schools where German is the language of communication
  • have already received a language grant for a German course in 2020.