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Game Development How To.

How do you create an interesting game? What is the process for becoming a game developer and the steps for production-to-marketing your own game? The PRESS START! podcast invites us to explore the world of game development with experts from Germany and Indonesia.

Press Start! Podcast Cover Art© Goethe-Institut Indonesien


Host : Adam Ardisasmita (AGI)
Adam Ardisasmita is the CEO of Arsanesia / Arsa Kids, a game company founded in 2011. He is currently the appointed vice chairman of the Indonesian Game Association and is actively fostering game development communities in Indonesia. He frequently speaks at gaming events and regularly creates content related to the game industry on his personal blog and YouTube channel. As a trusted Intel Innovator, Adam is an Intel technology ambassador in the gaming field.


Episode 11

Designing Immersive Visual Effects

Episode 11 - Press START! Cover Art © Goethe-Institut Indonesien Florian Smolka (Mimimi Studio) designs visual effects for games. To do that, he has to combine two different skills: programming and art. In this episode, Florian explores what it takes to make a game more immersive and interesting with visual effects.

Florian Smolka - VFX Artust Mimimi Game Studio

Florian Smolka is working as an VFX artist at Mimimi Game Studio. He was involved in developing real-time tactics games such as Desperados III and Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun. He has spent 9 years working in the game industry. As a VFX artist, Florian is in charge of designing the audio and music in a game.

Previous Issues

Episode 10

Designing In-Game Emotions Through Audio

Episode 10 - Press START! Cover Art © Goethe-Institut Indonesien Septian Pamungkas (Monkey Melody) is responsible for designing the audio and music for numerous games. Making music for a game has its own complexities as it relies on the control and input from the player. He talks about what techniques an audio designer needs to design suitable music for a game.

Septian Pamungkas - Founder Monkey Melody

Septian Pamungkas is the founder of Monkey Melody, a company that develops music and audio for games. He has 8 years experience in multimedia and the game industry as a multimedia specialist and sound designer with a credit list of over 70 multimedia projects. He is also the initiator of “Game Music Talk Indonesia”, the first talk show and seminar on game audio in Indonesia.

Episode 9

What Makes eSports Popular?

Ricky Setiawan (GGWP) expresses his views on the game industry in Episode 9 - Press START! Cover Art © Goethe-Institut Indonesien Indonesia. Based on his experience running media operations that focus on eSports, Ricky explains how eSports has become popular in Indonesia.

Ricky Setiawan - CEO & founder GGWP.id

Ricky Setiawan is the CEO and founder of GGWP.id, a news agency reporting on the latest news on esports while providing game guides. GGWP.id also has its own highly acclaimed esports team. During his time as a student at the University of Indonesia, he earned 12 titles in business competitions, one of them being the P&G ASEAN Business Challenge in April of 2011. His skills in writing earned him the distinction to be the only Indonesian representative for a Wikimedia conference in Poland. Prior to starting his own company, he worked at IBM, an American IT company.

Episode 8

Practical Steps for Working with International Game Publishers

Episode 8 - Press START! Cover Art © Goethe-Institut Indonesien Riris Widawaty (Gamechanger Studio) has a unique career journey. From being the head of a library, she moved into the gaming industry and became the CEO of a game studio. She reveals tips about how to deal with game publishers and how to recognize good publishers.


Riris Widawaty - Director Gamechanger Studio

Riris Widawaty is the Director of Gamechanger Studio, a game development studio. Her background is in library and information science. She was a librarian for 20 years before becoming a game developer in 2013. She also heads another game studio called Gambreng Games.


Episode 7

Gaming Community Building Tips

Episode 7 - Press START! Cover Art © Goethe-Institut Indonesien Sarah Johanna (Toge Productions) shares tips and tricks for building a community for games. She also explains how a community manager for mobile games differs from a manager for computer games. Further, Sarah discusses how game developers can use Twitter to build relationships.

Sarah Johanna - Community Manager Toge Productions

Sarah Johanna is the Community Manager at Toge Productions, a game development and publishing studio. Some of the games published by the studio are Coffee Talk and Infectonator. Prior to joining Toge Productions, she was the Community Manager at Touchten Games. Her role at Toge Productions is to build and develop a gaming community on social media and hold events with the community.

Episode 6

The Ins and Outs of the Game Publishing World

Episode 6 - Press START! Cover Art © Goethe-Institut Indonesien Eva Muliawati (Megaxus) has published a variety of popular games, one of which is the well-known “Ayo Dance”. She shares her journey beginning with her stay in Korea and continuing to her research of popular games and developing her own game publishing company.


Eva Muliawati - CEO Megaxus

Eva Muliawati is the CEO and founder of Megaxus Infotech, a game distribution company founded in 2005. Megaxus has successfully released at least 19 games for PCs and mobile devices. The most popular games published by Megaxus are Ayo Dance and Lineage II. Under her leadership, Megaxus has become the leading game publishing company in Indonesia.

Episode 5

Being a 3D Designer for Games in Japan

Episode 5 - Press START! Cover Art © Goethe-Institut Indonesien Gilbran Imami (Square Enix) talks about working as a 3D designer at a Japanese game company. He had previously worked at KOE Tecmo. Gilbran details the path he took to launching a career at a Japanese game company.


Gilbran Imami - 3D Designer Square Enix

Gilbran Imami is a 3D designer at Square Enix Japan. Prior to that he was a computer graphic designer in the Character Team division at Koei Tecmo Japan. At Koei Tecmo, he helps design 3D models of characters in the game Dynasty Warriors 9.

Episode 4

Strategies for Developing a Game Studio at an International Level

Episode 4 - Press START! Cover Art © Goethe-Institut Indonesien Shieny Aprilia (Agate Studio) shares how she started up Agate when she was a university student and how it grew to become a game studio with hundreds of employees and international level collaborations with companies such as Square Enix and Electronic Arts.

Shieny Aprilia -  COO Agate Studio

Shieny Aprilia is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Agate Studio. When she first joined Agate in 2009, she was a game producer. A year later she was appointed Chief Operating Officer. While at Agate, she led the development of the gamification trend in Indonesia. She is the 1st winner of the Indonesia Young Woman Future Business Leader 2014 awarded by SWA magazine.

Episode 3

Painting Art in a Game

Episode 3 - Press START! Cover Art © Goethe-Institut Indonesien Brigitta Rena (Mojiken Studio) has produced numerous beautifully artistic illustrations for games, including “Raven Monologue”, “She and the Light Bearer”, and “When the Past Was Around”. Here she shares her insights into designing artistic value illustrations.


Brigitta Rena  - 2D Artist at Mojiken Studio

Brigitta Rena is a 2D artist at Mojiken Studio, where she has illustrated several games, including  Raven Monologue, She And The Light Bearer, and When The Past Was Around. Apart from creating illustrations for games, she has also worked on designing visual identities, caricatures, illustrations for children’s books, editorial illustrations, and various promotional videos.

Episode 2

From Animator to Game Developer

Episode 2 - Press START! Cover Art © Goethe-Institut Indonesien Vania Marita (Wisageni Studio) started her career as an animator and then moved into the game industry. In this episode, Vania speaks about the different challenges of creating animations and games.


Vania Marita - Co-founder & Producer of Wisageni Studio

Vania Marita is the co-founder and producer at Wisageni Studio. She was previously a 3D artist and texture artist in the animation industry. In 2012 she decided to embark on a new career path in the indie game developer industry. With her colleague from the animation industry, Vania founded Wisageni Studio in 2015.

Episode 1

The Importance of Joining thE Game Developer Community

Podcast: Startpress - alle zwei Wochen © Goethe-Institut Indonesien Frida Dwi, also known as UB (Noobzilla & GameDeveloper.id), talks about his experience as an active member in a game developer community, about career building, and the life of an indie game developer.

Frida Dwi Iswantoro  - Co-founder of Noobzilla & Admin at Gamedeveloper.id

Frida Dwi Iswantoro, better known as UB, started his game development career in 2007. He currently develops games with the Noobzilla studio, a game development duo team from Sleman, Yogyakarta. Since 2012 he and GameLan (Jogja Game Developer Community) have undertaken more than 100 events, including sharing sessions, expos and routine game jams. Managing the GameDeveloper.ID site is another of his responsibilities, a site which collects information and data related to Indonesian game developers.