Contact and Enrollment

Kursteilnehmer Photo: Goethe-Institut/Sonja Tobias

Contact and Enrollment

Are you interested in one of our language courses or do you still need more information? We will be happy to help you.

Monday 10am - 5pm
Tuesday 10am - 5pm
Wednesday 10am - 5pm
Thursday 10am - 5pm
Friday 10am - 5pm
Saturday 9am - 3pm
Term 1/January - February 2020
Beginner: 16. - 21.12.2019
Advanced: 09. - 14.12.2019
Course: 06.01. - 22.02.2020

Term 2/March - April 2020
Beginner: 20. -  26.02.2020
Advanced: 10. - 19.02.2020
Course: 07.03.– 11.04.2020

Term 3/May - June 2020
Beginner: 13. -  17.04.2020
Advanced: 06. - 11.04.2020
Course: 27.04. - 27.06.2020

Term 4/July - August 2020
Beginner: 25. -  27.06.2020
Advanced: 22. - 24.06.2020
Course: 06.07. - 22.08.2020

Term 5/September - October 2020
Beginner: 24. -  28.08.2020
Advanced: 18. - 22.08.2020
Course: 07.09. - 17.10.2020

Term 6/November - December 2020
Beginner: 19. -  23.10.2020
Advanced: 12. - 17.10.2020
Course: 02.11. - 19.12.2020

You can download the Registration Form (PDF, 276 kB).
Just come by or send us an E-Mail.
We will ask you to sit a level test and have a short discussion with you about your knowledge, before defining your learning goals and helping you select a suitable course.
Our level test (written followed by discussion) can be taken without an appointment on one of the enrolment days. Further appointments on arrangement. Beginner do not need to take the placement test.

Date: on arrangement
Duration: approx. 1 hour
Fee: Rp. 300.000,-
Test your German
  • Debit/Credit Card*
  • Cash
  • Bank Transfer
*Special for credit cards payment:  new course participants would have to come directly. Our old course participants can register online in the online course room.
Course fees already paid cannot be reimbursed. In case of cancellation prior to the course starting date (during enrolment period), the course participant shall receive a voucher for 80% of the course fee. This voucher is only valid for the quarter that follows and is non-transferable.

1. General requirements for course participants

The minimum age for the participation in language courses is 15 years or 10th grade of senior high school (SMA/SMK/MA).

2. enrolment

2.1. Registration times will be published in the course brochure, on the home page of the Goethe-Institut and on posters.

2.2. Registration after the registration deadline is hardly possible. It is only possible if there are still places available in the class you are interested in. However, it is still not possible to regain for the lessons that have elapsed.

3. Payment conditions, withdrawal

3.1. The course fees must be paid at the time of enrolment in cash, by debit or credit card or by bank transfer.

3.2. Participants may withdraw from a course as long as the course has not yet begun. In this case, a written notification must be sent to the course office before the start of the course. The repayment of 80% of the course fees will be made within 5 – 14 working days, possibly by arrangement.

4. Prices

4.1. The valid prices in the current course brochure of the Goethe-Institut are an integral part of the contract.

4.2. The use of the information centre (library) is included in the course fee.

4.3. Exam fees and costs or books are not included in the course price. The book prices will be announced separately.

4.4. A change of the class is only possible if there are any free places in the desired class. In this case an administrative fee of 300.000 IDR will be charged.

4.5. The placement test costs 300.000 IDR.

4.6. We charge a fee of 60.000 IDR per copy for the certification of copies of certificates, copies of participation certificates and the issue of certificates.

5. Class divison/Class size

5.1  Allocation to a course level shall be made either by upgrading at the previous level or on the basis of a placement test at the institute.

5.2  If you already have German language skills and are taking a course with us for the first time, or if your last course at the Goethe-Institut took place more than a year ago, we will conduct a placement test. Beginners do not need a placement test.

5.3  The minimum number of participants for a class is 12. If the Goethe-Institut has to close a class due to too few participants, already paid course fees will be paid back.

5.4  Despite a small number of participants, the Goethe-Institut may offer a class if the respective participants wish to pay additional fees.
Super Intensive Courses 800,000 IDR
Intensive Courses            450,000 IDR
Extensive Courses           300,000 IDR

6. Obligations of course participants

The course participant is obliged to comply with the course and house rules applicable at the institute.

7. Goethe-institut liability/Force majeure

7.1. The liability of the Goethe-Institut and its employees shall be limited to intent and gross negligence. Nor shall Goethe-Institut be liable for the loss of its services due to force majeure (e. g. natural disasters, fire, flooding, war, official orders and all other circumstances beyond the control of the contracting parties).

7.2. If a teacher cannot teach on a Saturday for urgent reasons and no substitute teacher is available, the lessons will be made up on a Sunday.

7.3. At the end of the course, we issue a certificate of attendance to the participants, whose participation in the class meets at least 70% of the total course terms. On the certificate of attendance is an indication of the number of lessons and the general evaluation of the performance: very good, good, satisfactory.

7.4  Certificates of participation in language courses are kept for six months. For confirmations that have not been collected by this time, we assume no responsibility