Deutschmobil 2019/'20

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Deutschmobil 2019/'20

Deutschmobil 2019/'20!
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General Information
The Deutschmobil is an educational project which is organised by the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst), the German Embassy in Dublin and the Goethe-Institut Ireland. It was initiated in September 2013 as part of the wider campaign GermanConnects in order to promote the German language in Ireland. Within the past years the Deutschmobil has visited more than 300 schools and other educational institutions throughout the country and its visits have developed into widely popular and anticipated educational dates within the Irish school calendar.

While touring Ireland, the aim of the Deutschmobil is to inform young students about Germany and to create interest in learning German by visiting schools and offering taster lessons in German. Varied and playful methods, student-activating teaching material and interesting topics are carefully chosen to fascinate students of all ages and make them curious for more. The taster lessons can be held for classes that already learn German as well as for students who are not learners of German (yet).

If you would like to book a visit of the DEUTSCHMOBIL for your school, please contact us via email at

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Is there a fee for the Deutschmobil visit? No, the visit is financed by the DAAD, the German Embassy in Dublin, the Goethe-Institut Ireland and our sponsors.
How long is a Deutschmobil visit? Per visit we can hold workshops with up to three different groups. Each session lasts between 40 to 60 minutes. However, we recommend 60 minutes per group.
What is the layout of the visit and how many pupils can take part in the activities? You decide! We visit groups of learners of German as well as students who have not had any contact with the language yet. We kindly ask you to not have more than 30 students per group.
How should I prepare for the visit of the Deutschmobil? For the visit itself we need a big classroom including a projector and speakers. For primary school students we advise to organise a hall or the school gym as there will be more movement involved. Supervising teachers are required during the whole duration of the visit.
What are the activities involved in the visit? All Deutschmobil sessions contain various language animation activities, games, age-appropriate cultural information and competitions. After the visit we usually post photos and short summaries on our GermanConnects facebook page. Therefore, we kindly ask you to get the parents’ permission for photography in advance.
At what time does the Deutschmobil visit? The time will be arranged individually with each school. Once we have agreed on a date for the visit, all details such as times and participating classes will be clarified.