Auswahl aus dem DVD-Angebot © Photo: Desmond Roberts Auswahl aus dem DVD-Angebot Photo: Desmond Roberts

The library is open to the public, for anyone who wants to use its books and media or seeks information related to Germany.
However, in order to borrow books and media from the library, a membership is a must.
To be a member, you need to fill in a registration card and present an identification with a proof of your current residence address  (e.g. passport, driving license, election card).

The charges for library membership are:

  • Annual membership: INR 1200
  • 6 monthly membership: INR 700
The library membership is free of charge for language students of Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan  New Delhi for the duration of their course.

German teacher at Delhi/NCR schools and universities can submit a letter from their school authorities stating that they are teaching German with inscription and renewal for a free library membership.

Our collection

Our library houses a selection of the latest print and audiovisual media in German and in translation to keep you informed about the latest trends and current issues in Germany. 40% of our collection consists of books and media in English language.
Main subject areas are German language and culture, contemporary literature and art and German feature films & documentaries on DVD. A special feature of our library's collection is the "German as a foreign language" section, which is tailored to meet the needs of language students and teachers.
  • Fiction and non-fiction in German and English
  • German newspapers and magazines
  • Music CDs and audio books
  • Feature and documentary films on DVD
  • Board games for language learners and native speakers

Loan periods

Members are entitled to borrow ten media (maximum three from the language learning materials and maximum three DVDs).

Loan periods for various media:
  • Books, journals, CDs, DVDs, games: 3 weeks


Items can be renewed through your online library account, provided there is no prior reservation (except for language learning materials). For renewals, you can also contact the lending service by phone or e-mail.