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Year of Climate Care© Eugen Korda

Year of Climate Care

Year of Climate Care is a year-long artistic and educational lab, that involves artists, creatives and educators. Year of Climate Care is inspired by global environmental movements and the debate on climate change and its impact on communities. The conceptual background is provided by the themes of the New European Bauhaus initiative.

The event takes place under the auspices of the President of the Slovak Republic, Zuzana Čaputová.

Website of the Project

The intention is to support and develop the activities of the creative and educational sector to prevent the negative impacts of climate change in social, cultural and everyday life and to support the transition of society to a carbon-free future, educating about climate change and how to cope with it.

The expected long-term outcome is that the project organisers and partners will create a distributed interdisciplinary platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration between the creative, educational and other sectors.

The concept of climate care is already well-known, the principle is to use a positive term alongside the established terms climate crisis and climate change to focus attention on the important area of care in order to proactively address the issues.

The all-year program is co-developed with local and international partners and is defined through a series of discussions, workshops, international conferences, residencies and community gatherings.

Target groups

These are the three main target groups of the project that we consider important in the process of social change:

Education professionals (educators) = community of professionals in the field of education, formal and non-formal education
Creators = representatives of the creative sector (creatives) = among them architects, designers, artists, theorists, curators, journalists...
Community representatives (stakeholders) = local government representatives, community leaders and representatives, political representatives...

Announcement: Selected Artist for Studio in Residence

We're delighted to present our winner of the Open Call for Studio in Residence as part of "Year of Climate Care 2022": Veza Czyn. Read more about the artist and the residency HERE.

Program structure

The programme metaphorically follows the natural annual cycle in our geographical conditions.

Spring will be devoted to education, to new professions that are needed for the change process, to new subjects and curricula in schools, to lifelong learning for professionals who can contribute to change.

Summer will be a period for the Climate Academy as an intensive place and time for exchange of information, experiences. The Academy will focus on the creative sector, on activities in architecture and design that bring together futuristic yet pragmatic solutions to the challenges of climate change.

Autumn will focus on creatives, a period characterised by intense cultural activity. Creative hubs will be involved and the programme will include an international conference.

Winter, as a time to think about the year(s) ahead, will bring together experts from the political, municipal and regional spheres, inviting representatives of different communities and activities dedicated to caring for the climate and the environment into a dialogue.

The project is initiated by the Goethe Institute and the French Institute in Bratislava with the support and active collaboration of a number of local actors, cultural organisations, informal groups and individual professionals, educational institutions focused on architecture, design, art and other creative industries.


Project concept
Mária Beňačková Rišková, Markus Huber

Curatorial team & partner coordination
Mária Beňačková Rišková, Zuzana Duchová, Markus Huber, Jean-Marc Cassam-Chenai, Yan Pautrat, Michal Klembara, Nora Vranová, Ľubica Šimkovicová, Barbara Zavarská and Illah van Oijen, Boris Meluš, Georg Russegger, Zdenka Pepelová

Zuzana Beniačová, Linda Fintorová, Paulina Rack, Lauriane Chanel, Claire Bikouta

Visual identity & website
Eugen Korda






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