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Cities Ahead

Cities Ahead is a European programme initiated by the Goethe-Institut that supports municipalities in cultural urban development that want to make the best possible use of the existing potential of the cultural and creative industries and strive for international visibility.
The aim is to develop cities into ideal ecosystems for creativity and culture and to promote the transformation of creative places. Currently, the programme is being implemented in Augsburg and Logroño (Spain).

Open Call Augsburg – Placemaking

In cooperation with the Department for Culture, World Heritage and Sport of the City of Augsburg, Cities Ahead is launching an open call to creatives worldwide. We are looking for placemaking projects for the creative (temporary) transformation of public space in Augsburg, in the overarching context of sustainable cultural urban development. The focus should be on the needs, aspirations, wishes and visions of the local population.
The placemaking projects are intended to strengthen the connections between people and places and relate to one of the following two locations in Augsburg:

Maximilianstraße - as a pilot project, part of Maximilianstraße will be traffic-calmed for one year starting in May 2023, providing space for project ideas.

Maximilianstraße in the old town of Augsburg is one of the most important streets in Germany in terms of art history, with buildings from the Renaissance, Rococo, Neo-Classical and post-war Modern periods.
The topic of water and sustainability in connection with Augsburg's UNESCO World Heritage Site "The Ausburg Water Management System" should be included in the project ideas.
In the middle of Maximilianstraße is the Hercules Fountain, one of Augsburg's three great World Heritage fountains, along with the Mercury and Augustus Fountains. It symbolises Augsburg's pride in its abundance of water. The symbolism stands for overcoming dangers through water, but also for the good and beautiful sides of water.
The great importance of the (drinking) water supply has been evident in Augsburg for centuries at this prominent location in Maximilianstraße.
The Augsburg Theatre District - the new theatre district is currently being created as a sustainable urban quarter in a participatory process. In the process, new public spaces are also being created, the opening of which is to be additionally promoted through various placemaking projects.

As part of the large-scale construction project "Staatstheater General Renovation and New Building", citizens were invited to contribute their wishes and ideas in a comprehensive participation process. The results of the participation serve as guidelines for the entire construction process. The participation also resulted in the development of the surrounding neighbourhood being considered in the project. A "theatre district" with a good quality of stay, open to all and with the Staatstheater (State Theatre) as its cultural centrepiece is now to be created.

Conditions of funding

The aim of the submitted project should be to improve the quality of stay at the selected location and to promote aspects of ecological, economic, social and/or cultural sustainability. Furthermore, the project should have a participatory approach and thus lead to a greater sense of responsibility and belonging among the citizens of the city.
The projects are to be implemented in the second half of 2023 (by November at the latest).
A total of two projects by creatives from all over the world with experience working in public spaces and a participatory approach, i.e. they involve citizens and/or the municipality in their work.
We fund innovative and participatory practices from all areas of the creative sector that aim to transform public space and help make it more creative, sustainable, humane and egalitarian. The proposed project must relate to Maximilianstraße or the Augsburg Theatre District and must be adapted to the local needs of the city of Augsburg and its citizens.
A jury will select two projects from all the submissions that will be invited to Augsburg to adapt their practice to the local context.
The selected projects will receive a grant of € 4,000 each for the further conception and implementation of the placemaking project on site. The grant includes a lump sum for travel expenses and any additional material or development costs.
  • Quality (creativity/innovation content) and sustainability of the project proposal
  • Site-specificity and participatory dimension of the project proposal
  • Experience working with creative and innovative processes in public spaces
  • Plausible concept and feasibility in terms of time, staffing and resources
Completed online application form, which includes:
  • First and last name of the authors as well as further contact information (e-mail, telephone etc.)
  • Description of the project (max. 2,000 words) with additional documents (PDF format) or links to images, sketches and graphic material for full understanding
  • Examples of previous work experience and impact (photos, videos, website, articles, ...)
  • Timetable for implementation
  • Methodology
  • First and last names of team members (short CVs of all team members of max. 150 words per team member)
  • Execution and development budget in euros
  • Institutions, entities or associations that have supported the project (if applicable)
  • Grants or subsidies received (if any)
  • Academic frameworks to which the project has been linked (if any)
  • Submissions are now being accepted. The deadline for submission is 31 May 2023 at 23:59 CET.
  • The project proposal can be submitted in German or English
  • The most convincing projects will be selected by mid-July 2023. The authors of the selected projects will be notified personally and the information will be made public on the website www.citiesahead.eu
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Open Call Logroño

In collaboration with "Concéntrico - Logroño International Festival of Architecture and Design", Cities Ahead has launched an open call for Logroño to creatives worldwide. Three artistic practices for the creative transformation of Logroño's public space were selected. The selected practices will be realised from 27.04. to 02.05.2023 during the Festival Concéntrico 09.


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