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Colourful light bulbs dangle from the ceiling. A young woman stands in the blurred background.  Goethe-Institut, Loredana La Rocca

Education and training

The Goethe-Institut creates new perspectives in international cultural work with its educational programmes. Cultural professionals can find worldwide opportunities for further training and networking with us.

Cultural management

Young people of different nationalities with laptops and headphones Goethe-Institut, Loredana La Rocca Years of experience, practical orientation, teaching by international experts: Our courses in cultural management offer a wide range of training opportunities in which participants can contribute their own expertise. In addition to in-person courses, our global range of digital courses is growing steadily, including the successful MOOC Managing the Arts course – with more than 24,000 participants from 175 countries – and the online Master’s degree in Arts & Cultural Management developed together with Leuphana University Lüneburg.

Vimeo channel

On our Vimeo channel Kulturmanagement@Goethe-Institut you can find the video lectures of the MOOC Managing the Arts course and the Master’s programme in Arts and Cultural Management.

Digital culture

People standing in the middle of a virtual reality installation © Unsplash We are committed to raising awareness of digital issues and strengthening social participation in the digitisation process. To this end, we support cultural professionals, cultural managers and civil society actors in addressing the opportunities and challenges of digitisation. By supporting initiatives with ground-breaking potential in this area, the Goethe-Institut contributes to networking and shaping the future in the societal sense.

Cultural funding


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