Cities Ahead Academy Logroño

The Cities Ahead Academy Logroño was organised by the Goethe-Institut in cooperation with the Cultural Department of the City of Logroño and the Museo Würth La Rioja on 28 April 2023.
Through the Cities Ahead Academy, the Goethe-Institut [has] been able to create a space to think about how culture - with the participation of different collectives, with a collaborative, social approach - can be extended in different aspects of the city.
Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza, Mayor of Logroño (2019-2023)

Topics and workshops

Maximizing Logroño's potential: Harnessing the City's Cultural Resources
Expert: Charles Landry (Urbanist and Author “The Creative City”)

The New European Bauhaus: Discovering New Sustainable and Beautiful Ways of Living Together
Expert: Natalia Vera (EIT Community New European Bauhaus, EIT Climate-KIC)

Acting in Cooperation - the City as Common and Inclusive Ground
Expert: Laura Sobral (Architect and Urbanist)

Open Call Logroño

In cooperation with the Concéntrico Festival, Cities Ahead has launched an Open Call for Logroño to creatives worldwide. Ideas were sought for participatory/creative (temporary) transformation of public space in the overarching context of sustainable cultural urban development.
The selected practices were presented during the 9th edition of the Concéntrico Festival from 27 April to 2 May 2023.

Selected practices for Logroño

Catalystas collective (Germany)
The mobile library of women’s local knowledge

The mobile library of women’s local knowledge is a humble process of valuing and putting in focus the local knowledge of the citizens of Logroño. Starting from site-specific explorations of habits, rituals and rules, the mobile library will be traveling through Logroño and activating temporarily different open spaces in the city. Bringing together different knowledge, catalystas collective cares for a process of learning, sharing and empowering while opening for women a platform to gather and express their thoughts and expertise about the city.
Vanesa Pena Alarcón & Carlos Herraiz (Spain)

Logomaquias is a processual work of art that proposes new ways of connecting beyond the voice, despite the voice. The collective employs chewing gum stuck in the city's pavement as an aesthetic and symbolic material aiming to start a reflection on the communicative disfluencies in contemporary societies. Through a series of participatory workshops and installations, they pursue to co-create new vehicles of conversation with associations, collectives, and people with communication, language, speech, and/or voice disorders. The aim is to examine the degrees of communication difficulties from the perspective of experience and art rather than pathology and shame, opening alternatives to the normative forms of verbal communication.
Frantoio Sociale + Hypereden (Italy)
Cantiere Aperto: a collective practice

The project Cantiere Aperto: a collective practice consists of a set of coordinated activities carried out together with local organizations and volunteers to build urban artifacts through the demolition and the transformation of waste materials. The practice aims to promote urban transformation as a collective and collaborative activity and give to the local communities the chance to take action on public space, expressing their needs and dreams. In Logroño, new urban elements were constructed and integrated into the urban space on the Paseo del Espolón with the active participation of the local skater community.


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