With Europe for Europe

Projekt „Erzähle mir von Europa“: Mitarbeiterinnen des Goethe-Instituts Prag in einer Hörstation, 2020 © Goethe-Institut/Pavlina Jachimova

We strengthen a united Europe in cultural diversity.

Our Approach

Europe’s cultural diversity is a decisive factor in the European Union’s appeal. Cultural exchange and the promotion of multilingualism enable people to experience this diversity as a source of innovation and creativity.

We are simultaneously a German and a European cultural institute. We promote European integration and cooperation, and contribute to the strengthening of European consciousness and public debate through our programmes. We work closely with our European partners throughout the world, and promote European values, both within and outside Europe. In our cultural and educational policy work, we stand up for democratic values such as the rule of law, freedom of opinion and tolerance, and enter into a dialogue with those who do not fully share these values.

Our Spheres of Activity

European integration

We connect people from the sectors of media, culture, education and civil society throughout Europe while supporting joint initiatives to strengthen democratic values, the rule of law and commitment in the realms of civil society, in Europe and beyond. With our projects we promote new partnerships and open up perspectives for action in a cross-border network. We are involved in expanding European public debate and strengthening the cohesion of Europe.

Europe in the world

In collaboration with our European partners we realise cultural, language and educational programmes worldwide that explore the topic of Europe from different perspectives while enabling dialogue at both the international and regional level. We promote activities that contribute to the communication of Europe with the rest of the world. To do this we create opportunities for our partners to incorporate critical and constructive external perspectives into discussions in Europe and highlight European perspectives on current topics outside Europe.

Examples of our work

The Goethe-Institut in Europe

As the largest mediator organisation involved in German foreign cultural policy, the Goethe-Institut also represents a united Europe in the world. In tandem with other European cultural institutions, it works for European cohesion and stands for shared values - a reportage.

Franco-German Cultural Institutes (DFKI).

In 2019, then German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron signed a new bilateral friendship agreement. The Aachen Treaty also agreed to establish Franco-German Cultural Institutes (DFKI).

The Goethe-Institut as a European stakeholder

We enable people to experience Europe in the guest countries through partnerships with our European partners. We contribute to shaping the European foreign cultural and educational policy. In our collaboration with other European cultural institutions, the partnership within the association of national cultural institutes EUNIC plays an important role.

Further goals

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