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Intensive German courses

Intensive German courses © istock

Would you like to learn German for specific purposes or focus on improving your knowledge of German? Our intensive course programme at the levels A1 to C2 focuses entirely on you achieving your learning goals successfully and is ideal if you need German for your studies, your everyday professional life or for your personal future. You will be taught from Monday to Friday by a highly-qualified Goethe-Institut teacher and at the end of the course you have the option of sitting a Goethe-Zertifikat, one of our internationally recognised language examinations.

  • Individual placement
  • Highly effective language training
  • With regular examination options
  • At all language levels from A1 to C2

At a glance

  • Duration of course: approx. 2 – 3 weeks
  • Scope: 75 lessons (45 minutes each)
  • Procedure: Monday to Friday, 5 lessons a day on-site at your Goethe-Institut
  • Max. number of participants: 16
  • Levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2
  • Free-of-charge placement test before the course starts
  • All course materials included
  • Self-directed learning in the media resource centre
  • Extensive cultural and leisure programme
  • Participation certificate
  • Option to sit exams

Upcoming dates

There are currently no dates available.
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Daniel Felipe Peña Polania

For me, the Goethe-Institut is the best way to learn German quickly and get to know people at the same time. I have met many international friends through the cultural programme.

Daniel Felipe Peña Polania, 20 years old, course participant from Columbia

How is an intensive course structured?
  • First of all, you choose the intensive German course which is suitable for you and book the course at your desired location and for your preferred date.
  • After a free-of-charge placement test, which you can either take online or on-site, we will assign you to the level suited to you.
  • Our intensive courses take place from Monday to Friday, either in the morning or the afternoon, depending on the course location.
  • In total, an intensive course comprises 75 lessons (one lesson = 45 minutes), which are spread 15 course days. That means you are attending class for approx. 2 to 3 weeks and have on average 5 lessons per course day.
  • If you wish, in addition to your intensive German course, you can book accommodation in one of our guest houses, partner hotels or with a private host.

How you benefit

High learning intensity

High learning intensity through daily lessons

Learning goals are achieved quickly thanks to intensive support

Learning goals are achieved quickly thanks to intensive support

media resource centres

Well-equipped media resource centres for self-directed learning

What does an intensive German course involve?
  • Our intensive courses offer you language training with a high degree of learning intensity and effectiveness. The intensive courses allow you to attain your personal language goals particularly quickly and daily language practice enables you to improve your powers of expression in a short period of time.
  • You will train in an active and highly-motivated group with on average a maximum of 16 participants.
  • Your lessons will be practical and based on key intercultural aspects of communication.
  • We have integrated customised learning and training phases in the course programme. In these phases, our experienced teachers support your learning process continuously.
  • Our extensively equipped media resource centres also provide you with a large selection of additional exercise options for self-directed learning.
  • The attractive cultural and leisure programme also allows you to practise your German outside lessons and to get to know Germany.


According to the Common European Framework of Reference for languages

Intensive German courses needed per language level 75h A1 1 Intensive course 75h 75h A2 2 Intensive courses 75h 75h B1 2 Intensive courses 75h 75h 75h B2 3 Intensive courses 75h 75h C1 2 Intensive courses 75h 75h C2 2 Intensive courses 1 teaching unit (h) = 45 minutes Elementary use of language Independent language use Autonomous language ability

The number of lessons that are usually required to reach a certain level and take the corresponding Goethe certificate are based on experience. Individual aspects such as language learning experience and native language also play an important role. We will grade you before the start of the course in order to ensure optimal learning success.

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