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NEU! Der Kurs Deutsch Online in der Gruppe wird nun auch auf C2 Niveau angeboten!

German Online Group Course

German Online Group Course
  • Now new:
    Niveau C2
  • Individual mentoring from your teacher
  • Interactive group exercises
  • Speak German in Live Sessions
  • Flexible timing and from any location

Would you like to learn German at level C2 and perfect your German? Are you looking for an online German course and would like the support of a highly qualified Goethe teaching professional and contact with course participants from all over the world? Then our group German online course at level C2 is perfect for you!

Motivation and Structure through Online Live Sessions

Attending regular online live sessions with your teacher and classmates will provide motivation and structure to your learning experience. During our online German course, you will have the opportunity to practice what you have learned and independently work through the online tasks.

Online live session schedule for C2: Tuesday and Thursday, 6pm-7:30pm (CET)

So act today to get started at language level A1, A2, B1, B2 or C1 – and give yourself the opportunity to learn German on a flexible and methodical online course. Where ever you might be located.

*Please note: we also offer the German Online course in groups at all other language levels A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1. To ensure that you learn German in the most effective way possible, you will take a free placement test before the course starts. Depending on the result of the placement test, you will be assigned to the appropriate language level. A categorisation at level C2 can, therefore, not be guaranteed.
  • Level
    Now new: C2

  • Estimated progress per course
    You will be completing a sub-level that forms part of a full level

  • Duration
    5 weeks

  • Hours per week
    8 – 4 independent learning sessions (supported) and 4 face-to-face sessions

  • Participants
    max. 16

  • Price
    EUR 439

Upcoming Dates

There are currently no dates available.

What does the group German online course at level C2 level involve?

During this course, you will work closely with your teacher and the other participants in the C2-level course on current socio-political and culturally relevant topics that are the subject of discussion in Germany. This will deepen your C2 language skills in various subject areas, and help you gain communicative routine.

Your learning journey will involve different authentic text types and media – such as videos, pictures/graphics, podcasts, reading texts, both alone and in groups. You will also work on presentations and longer texts of your own, which you will submit to the learning platform and then receive back corrected and with detailed feedback.

In doing so, you will prepare for the online live sessions in the group, in which you practise discussing more complex contexts and presenting points of view. You will familiarise yourself with the current discourse in Germany and acquire communicative skills at C2 level.

If you have any questions, you can discuss these with the members of your German online learning group via the forum or contact your teacher by e-mail.
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The core elements

24 hours

Independently working through online exercises


Regular online live sessions with the group


Personal mentoring from your teacher

Helga Sekanina-Georg Photo: Goethe-Institut

Despite this being an online course, our participants receive individual support from their teacher. After all, we view each and every participant’s personal learning progress as a top priority.

Helga Sekanina-Georg, Head of Language Courses and Examinations, Frankfurt Goethe-Institut

FAQs – Frequently asked questions

We are happy to advise you +49 89 1222 3 1222 from Mon to Fri, 8am – 6pm: kundenservice-d@goethe.de