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Intensive German Course in Frankfurt

  • Learn German fast and effectively
  • Cultural and leisure programme included
  • Free placement test
  • Teaching materials included

Would you like to quickly build up or improve your knowledge of German? In our Intensive German Course in Frankfurt, you will learn German intensively for three weeks. In addition, with the cultural and leisure programme that is included with the course, you will discover the city and can apply your knowledge of the language straightaway.

Skyline von Frankfurt vom Main aus ©Clemens van Lay

Learn German quickly and effectively

The Intensive German Course takes place from Monday to Friday and is focussed entirely on quick, lasting learning success! Intensive support and daily repetition of learning content allow quick progress to be made. In classes with a maximum of 16 participants, you will be guided closely by one of our highly qualified Goethe teachers. The learning materials are provided free of charge. Furthermore, you can use our well-equipped media library for independent study.

In addition to the language lessons, the intensive German course also includes a varied cultural and leisure programme. On exciting outings, the participants can discover Frankfurt, apply their knowledge of German and get acquainted with the German culture. That makes the learning process even easier!

  • Estimated progress per course
    A sub-level of an overall level

  • Duration
    3 weeks

  • Total scope
    75 lessons

  • Participants
    max. 16 per class

  • Course location
    Goethe-Institut Frankfurt
    Poststraße 2-4
    60329 Frankfurt

  • Price
    from EUR 1 099

„In the cultural and leisure programme in Frankfurt, there’s lots to experience – from the city’s history and art right up to sport and creativity. A boat trip on the Rhine or a visit to a rustic cider (“Apfelwein”) pub is very inspiring and bound to please."
Philine Höhn, Cultural and leisure programme

Upcoming Dates

There are currently no dates available.

Necessary intensive courses per language level

= 1 Intensive Course à 75h 75h A1 1 course 75h 75h A2 2 courses 75h 75h B1 2 courses 75h 75h 75h B2 3 courses 75h 75h C1 2 courses 75h 75h C2 2 courses 1 teaching unit (h) = 45 minutes Elementary use of language Independent language use Autonomous language ability

The number of lessons that are usually required to reach a certain level and take the corresponding Goethe certificate are based on experience. Individual aspects such as language learning experience and native language also play an important role. We will grade you before the start of the course in order to ensure optimal learning success.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Any other questions? +49 69 961227-0 We would be happy to advise you: frankfurt@goethe.de
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