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Learning German in Freiburg

Kimberly, German Course 2019 Photo: Goethe-Institut, David Höpfner
Kimberly, German Course 2019

Freiburg: Top 3 Best Lonely Planet Destination in 2022!

Germany's greenest city, offering exciting cultural events: Learn German in Freiburg – where tradition merges with the future. #goethefreiburg

Our institute in Freiburg

Goethe-Institut FreiburgPhoto: Goethe-Institut
Media resource centerPhoto: Goethe-Institut/Markus Schwerer
BreakPhoto: Goethe-Institut

The Goethe-Institut Freiburg is surrounded by a garden. It is just five minutes from the railway station, the city center with the university and its dining hall, and the Stühlinger student district, where the institute's guesthouse is located.

Facilities and services

  • 13 well-equipped classrooms, air-conditioned
  • Media resource center, air-conditioned
  • WLAN
  • Music room
  • Concert grand and upright piano
  • A pleasant terrace
  • Large garden
  • Accommodation
  • Medical insurance (optional)
  • Airport transfer (on request)


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Freiburg, the city near the Black Forest

  • Freiburg Photo: iStock/Pere Sanz
  • Münster Martinstor Photo: FWTM Hr. Raach
  • Am Martinstor Photo: Shutterstock
  • Market square Photo: FWTM Hr. Raach
  • Augustinerplatz Photo: Daniel Schoenen
  • Market square with historical department store Photo: Daniel Schoenen
  • The historical department store by night Photo: iStock/bbsferrari
  • The old oil press Photo: Daniel Schoenen
  • Kaiser-Joseph-Strasse with Martinstor Photo: Daniel Schoenen
  • Salzstrasse with Schwabentor Photo: Daniel Schoenen
  • On the island Photo: Fotolia
  • Fischerau Photo: FWTM Hr. Raach
  • Schwabentor Photo: FWTM Hr. Raach
  • College building Photo: Sandra Meyndt
  • University library Photo: Max Orlich
  • Feierling beer garden Photo: FWTM Hr. Raach
  • View from Herdern Photo: FWTM Hr. Raach
  • Eugen Keidel Pool Photo: FWTM Hr. Raach
  • Black Forest Photo: FWTM Hr. Raach
The southernmost major city in Germany has a population of around 220,000, of which about 30,000 are students. The Albert-Ludwigs-University enjoys excellence status and is one of the oldest universities in Germany. The internationally renowned University of Music, the University of Education and several church-run colleges complement Freiburg's educational landscape. Six research institutes of the Max Planck Society and the Fraunhofer Society are located in the direct vicinity of the academic infrastructure. Freiburg is a leading research location for solar technology. Traditional branches of industry are viticulture, tourism and forestry.

In front of the Freiburg Cathedral, a Gothic cathedral with a walk-in church tower once called "the most beautiful tower on earth", is the center of the medieval old town, the Münstermarkt. Famous sights are the Martinstor and the Schwabentor, which used to be the gates in the city wall around medieval Freiburg. Since the Middle Ages, little creeks have been flowing through the streets of the Old Town, providing welcome refreshment on hot summer days and effectively improving the climate in the city center. South of Freiburg lies the Black Forest, known for its dense forests, cuckoo clocks and the Black Forest cherry cake. On the Schauinsland, Freiburg's local mountain, you have a view that can reach as far as the French Vosges mountains on a day with good visibility.


Freiburg is a city of music. The high density of outstanding orchestras, ensembles and choirs is unparalleled nationwide. The Freiburg Baroque Orchestra is internationally regarded as one of the best in its field. The ensemble recherche for contemporary music is a world leader, as well. The summer tent music festival is a national event for friends of jazz, rock, pop and classical music. Important art treasures of the Upper Rhine are housed in the Augustinian Museum, other museums have distinguished collections on archaeology, city history and art.
Freiburg's cinema landscape is unusually diverse. And with good reason: In no other German city do people go to the movies as often as in Freiburg. This is the perfect opportunity to test your new german language skills in a film with german dubbing.


The cultural diversity, the lively hustle and bustle in the city as well as a varied pub and restaurant scene ensure an exceptionally high recreational value. The culinary high season begins at the end of April with asparagus from the neighboring Tuniberg and the excellent Baden white wines. The Baden cuisine is top in Germany. Excursions to nearby Alsace, Strasbourg or Basel are always recommended.

German courses in Freiburg

The Goethe-Institut in Freiburg is located on the edge of the beautiful Old Town of Freiburg. The Goethe-Institut Freiburg is sure to offer you the German course you need. The intensive course, which includes 75 hours of German lessons in 15 days, is certainly the most effective way to learn German quickly. We can teach and test you in Freiburg at all levels from A1 to C2. We also offer evening German courses, which are especially designed for professionals who want to improve their German skills while working.

If you want to study at the Albert-Ludwigs-University in Freiburg, you can get to know the city by taking a German course in Freiburg before you start your studies. Since this is quite often the case, we offer German courses in Freiburg for participants from the age of 17. The German courses of the Goethe-Institut Freiburg can also be taken online, either in a group with a teacher or independently without a teacher. In order to correctly classify their existing German language skills, participants of the German courses at the Goethe-Institut Freiburg will first have to take a placement test.

If you are still looking for accommodation for your German course in Freiburg, you will certainly like our guesthouse in the student quarter "Stühlinger". You can also stay with host families, which will help you to use your new German skills in everyday life. Our extensive leisure and cultural program for the participants is designed to help them speak and listen to as much German as possible.
Ann, 33 course participant from the US Photo: Goethe-Institut Frankfurt

I used to find learning German really difficult and I tried lots of different things. But on the language course at the Goethe-Institut, I suddenly started making rapid progress.

Ann, 33 course participant from the US

We are happy to advise you +49 89 1222 3 1222 from Mon to Fri, 8am – 6pm: kundenservice-d@goethe.de

Booking forms

You can register for German courses online in our shop and pay via Visa/Mastercard or PayPal. Customers who do not pay their course fee themselves can use our interactive booking form to register and provide us with a different billing address. Selecting your choice of course location will send the form to the course location of your choice.

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Goethe-Institut Freiburg Photo: Goethe-Institut

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