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German courses for Stuttgart

Deutsch lernen in Stuttgart

With the Goethe-Institut in your area, you can learn German superbly. Whether you are interested in learning German for work or for leisure, the Goethe-Institut has the right course for you in Stuttgart.
The extensive range of German courses is sure to meet your needs. There are evening courses that you can attend conveniently after work, intensive courses lasting several weeks or online courses that you can attend from the comfort of your own home.

German courses at the Goethe-Institut

Our institute in Schwäbisch Hall

Main entrancePhoto: Ufuk Arslan
Media resource centerPhoto: Goethe-Institut
Dining HallPhoto: Goethe-Institut


Directions from Stuttgart to the Goethe-Institut

By train:

The regional train runs twice an hour from Stuttgart to Schwäbisch Hall. From there you can walk to your Goethe-Institut.
You can also get on one of the buses, line 1 or 4B, in Schwäbisch Hall-Hessental and travel comfortably to the Goethe-Institut.

By car:

Schwäbisch Hall is a good hour's drive from Stuttgart, whether you take the B14 or the A81/A6.
Follow the signs to Schwäbisch Hall Zentrum (car park Haalplatz or car park Weilerwiese).
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