Special courses for professionals

Deutsch lernen in Deutschland – Deutschkurse für verschiedene Berufsgruppen Photo: Getty Images, Caiaimage, Martin Barraud

German and internship

Approx. four-week intensive German program
16 days of lessons and
four-week internship, 20 internship days
80 UI*, approx. 25 UI* per week
15 UI* internship follow-up
max. class size: 16

Details on these courses

Combine your language course with an internship of your choice. This program is structured in two phases

Phase 1:

Intensive 4 course with additional preparation and language practice for the internship

Phase 2:

Four-week internship with accompanying German lessons plus support and advice in writing the internship report. There are very good opportunities for internships in the mechanical engineering sector, banking, municipal administration, construction and tourism.


  • intensive language training from Monday to Friday (approx. four weeks)
  • 80 UI* , approx. 25 UI* per week
    In addition: 15 UI internship follow-up
  • Max. class size: 16
  • courses at Level B2
  • internships arranged for course participants
  • continuous individual support by a specialized teacher (approx. eight weeks)
  • certification of course participation and completion of internship
  • exam opportunity on request
  • all course materials
  • self-directed learning in the media resource center
  • special cultural and leisure program designed to complement the language course
This program is not available in July/August.

* UI – 45-minute classroom sessions