Visa and health insurance

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For detailed information on current entry regulations and any visa requirements that may apply, please contact the German Foreign Office:

Please contact the German embassy, consulate or similar representative of the Federal Republic of Germany in your home country at least 12 weeks before travelling to obtain information on any necessary visas for entering or staying in Germany:

Please note that it is not possible to extend a residence permit in Germany if you enter Germany as a tourist (without a visa) or with a Schengen visa. If you are planning an extended stay, you must apply for a visa for Germany. (Simplified visa regulations apply only to a limited number of countries, e.g. the USA, Japan, South Korea.)
If you wish to study in Germany after completing your language course, please indicate this intention in your visa application.

For a visa application you will need (among other things):
  • the final confirmation from the Goethe-Institut that you have paid for your course in full (this confirmation is equivalent to the "Invitation" required by the embassy)
  • confirmation that you have taken out health insurance and accident insurance valid in Germany.

Health insurance

Does your health insurer provide you with adequate coverage for your stay in Germany? (For example: blue insurance card issued for EU states.)
If your health insurance is not valid in Germany, then we urgently advise you to take out health coverage for the duration of your course at the Goethe-Institut.

On the basis of good experience we recommend the company that has been the insurance partner of the Goethe-Institut for many years: Klemmer International Versicherungsmakler GmbH.
The best course of action is to take out insurance online immediately after booking your course:

You will receive the insurance papers (including an insurance confirmation for your visa application) by e-­mail.

The insurance package for €1.40 per day will provide you with insurance coverage beginning with your entry into Germany for the entire duration of your stay at the Goethe-Institut, and is tailored to the legal requirements in Germany. It does not cover any costs for the treatment of pre-existing ailments or follow-up treatment.