our mission to empower 300 young individuals and 20 teachers in addressing local environmental challenges through practical projects. Together, we will establish a network of youth NGOs, promote eco-awareness, and nurture the next generation of environmentally conscious leaders.

Be2aty Kick-Off Meeting Goethe Institut

Be2aty is an innovative project that brings together three EU- and three Egyptian partners to empower Egyptian youth and address local environmental challenges. Our goal is to build the capacity of young people to tackle environmental issues while increasing the sector's capacity to support them. Therefore, we will work closely with 300 young people, aged 15 to 25, as well as 20 teachers in disadvantaged communities in Cairo and the Delta areas, to help them develop their interests, skills, and talents through self-directed projects to improve their local environment. 

Not only do we focus on the youth, but we also strive to strengthen NGOs. By acquiring new tools, expanding their networks, and becoming more resilient and effective, these organizations have a deeper impact not only within the communities they serve but also in related sectors, allowing them to branch out and tackle other environmental and community issues. 

Together with Alwan wa Awtar, Greenish, MIO-ECSDE, COSPE, and Upfuse, we will each leverage our networks, mobilize resources, know-how, and tools to support young people in implementing their projects. By putting the youth at the center of a hands-on learning experience, we can allow them to determine the pace and direction of their environmental action and empower them to become more aware of their potential, develop critical-thinking and life skills, and gain self-confidence while rehearsing their professional skills. 

Be2aty Kick-Off Meeting Goethe Institut