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Imagining Futures© Goethe-Institut

Imagining Futures

​A future focused peer network and European co-commission experiment

Imagining Futures brings together independent performance festivals from across the UK and mainland Europe and invites them to rip up the festival rule book as they explore what the future of producing festivals will look like.

Imagining Futures connects nimble and adventurous festivals and fosters collaboration within the sector. It aims to spark new connections, support artistic development and encourage porous, international dialogue in the face of seemingly increasing barriers.

The network includes festival leaders from five UK festivals and seven festivals from EU countries as a core group. During 2024, they will again connect digitally and IRL, tackling the most urgent themes impacting on artistic choices and festival logistics. They will explore innovative formats for the future including reimagining relationships with audiences, how to give over power and platform to new voices and more.

This follows ongoing connections between the participating festival leaders since 2021 and the hosting of a residency at PAF in 2021 as well as a group research trip to Transform 23 in Leeds, England.

Key conversations will be documented and shared with cultural colleagues as discussions unfold. See below for our 2022 publication, 'Imagining Futures - What If' in written and audio form. The festivals will also have funding to initiate collaborative, experimental commissions that respond to the shared values and emergent themes being discussed.

You can explore the Imagining Futures themes, ideas and provocations and find out more in the online publication:
Listen to the audio version:  .

Watch the Imagining Futures x Frequencies festival panel discussion with Anna Mülter, Angela Alves, Claire Lefèvre, Amy Letman and Bochra Triki:


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