Loveday Wright
(Re)-Collecting Europe: Journalism Residency 2020

Loveday Wright Loveday Wright

Loveday Wright works as a multimedia journalist in Berlin, mainly at Deutsche Welle. In her project fort he residency titled “Post Brexit, new confidence for Cornish identity?“ she will research the question of identity in the British county Cornwall.

“I would like to explore how a renewed interest in Cornishness could see the region positioned as a positive example for communities in post-Brexit Britain.
During my journey around the county, I would meet groups and individuals forging, recovering and maintaining a unique Cornish identity – from farmers to fishermen, poets to pensioners and newcomers to no-mans-landers. Do they feel vindicated by Brexit? What kind of Cornwall would they like to be part of?
I am particularly interested in the resurgence of the Cornish language and the role this could play in shaping an identity to be proud of. Evening classes, podcasts and children’s playgroups are rediscovering a language that for most, was lost and forgotten. To what extent does this reflect the Cornish experience, and what role does it play in crafting Cornishness today?”