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Delfina Residency

An image of the outside of the Delfina building Pari Naderi. Courtesy Delfina Foundation
The Goethe-Institut London and Delfina Foundation offer residencies in collaboration. Their joint residency programmes have different curatorial foci on contemporary art and everyday life. 
Since its inception in 2010, Delfina Foundation and the Goethe-Institut London supported several cultural practitioners’ residency programmes. In 2010, Asli Sungu explored the field of Turkish migration in contemporary art. In 2012, Jamila Adeli investigated London’s museum landscape, curational practices and cultural connections between Europe and the Middle East. And in 2015, curator Marianna Liosi examined the effects of digitalisation on the public sphere. 
By offering residencies, Delfina Foundation and the Goethe-Institute London provided opportunities for artists, curators and writers to develop their practice, explore connections, and build collaborations with peers, communities and institutions. 
Find out more on the Delfina Website.

Abtract image of man on the end of a fishing rod Asli Sungu

2010 Residency
Asli Sungu

Asli Sungu reflected on the influence of Turkish migration on contemporary art. Her residency was part of the touring exhibition Journeys With No Return. 

A photo of Jamila in a white shirt Jamila Adeli

2012 Residency
Jamila Adeli

Curator Jamila Adeli explored London’s museum landscape and the curational practices between Europe and die Middle East. 

A photo of Marianna outside infront of tree Marianna Liosi

2015 Residency
Marianna Liosi

Curator Marianna Liosi spent two months in residence at Delfina Foundation, taking part in their programme The Public Domain: Season Two.