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Crowd group summit photo 2021Goethe-Institut London

Artist International Mobility

An introductory guide to welcome international performing artists, companies, and producers looking to present theatre, dance and live art in the UK, particularly those working on the independent and small scale. The guide is currently available in English and Italian with a German translation coming soon.

If you know of other useful websites or organisations, please let us know so we can keep this page current and relevant.


Tim Spooner, Assembly of Animals. Photo by Paul Blackemore

The tour must go on!

 A simple, practical guide to support and empower UK-based individual artists and small companies working in theatre, dance and live art to continue to tour work across Europe. The guide includes country specific information including Germany.

Art Infopoint UK Initiative Art Infopoint UK Initiative


Arts Infopoint UK is a pilot initiative to support the arts sector with information on practical issues relating to artist mobility. The project will look at ways to provide support for international artists visiting the UK as well as venues or companies in the UK who want to invite an international artist or company to perform here.