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  Teacher pointing to poster exhibition©Goethe-Institut

Poster Exhibitions

Do you want to bring topics to life in your German classroom? Then borrow a poster exhibition free of charge from your nearest Goethe-Institut! The teaching material is suitable for all language levels and can also be used independently from the exhibition.

Rental of the exhibits is completely free and includes posters and accompanying teaching materials. The only costs you need to cover are for return postage to the respective Goethe-Institut.

Request a set of posters by choosing from the below topics. All you need to to is click on "order" and arrange for hands-on lessons with the poster exhibition. Exhibitions are on loan for 4 weeks at a time.


Sheep in field © Goethe-Institut

Deutsche Städte und Landschaften

Hightech and nature, sports and culture: Germany is multifaceted. This poster exhibition introduces 13 German cities and landscapes including different ascpects, e.g. nature, leisure and tourism, but also history and culture.

Robot © Goethe-Institut


Cars, television or computers - German inventions changed the world. Germany observes a continuously increasing number of employees in the science and research sector. Bright prospects for an innovative future in an innovative country.

Nicolas Mahler mit seinem Buchcover: Komplett Kafka © Profil Mahler: M. Werner | © Buchcover: Mahler / Suhrkamp

„Komplett Kafka“

Anlässlich des 100. Todestags von Franz Kafka in 2024 organisiert das Goethe-Institut mit zahlreichen Partnern ein umfassendes Programm zum Leben und Schaffen des Autors. Ein zentraler Bestandteil ist das Aufbereiten und Beleuchten klassischer Kafka Werke mit verständlichen und kontemporäre Perspektiven. Dazu zählt auch die Graphic Novel „Komplett Kafka“ von Nicolas Mahler, eine Plakat-Ausstellung und Lernmaterialien, sowie Didaktisierungen, für Deuschlernede und -lehrer*innen.

No longer available

Fairytale Poster Exhibition © Märchenwelten, Design h13A


Our Fairytale poster exhibition is no longer available but here you will find teaching materials on German Fairytales for all language levels from primary right through to adult education.