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Why choose German(y)?© Canva

Why choose German(y)?

Would you like to improve your German language skills, study or work in Germany?We would like to support you on your future path with the German language. Take a look at our website and get inspired.

Career © Canva


Are you looking for new challenges? With German skills, you will improve your job opportunities with German companies at home and abroad.

Studies © Canva


Would you like to broaden your horizons? Germany offers an excellent educational system and is one of the most popular study destinations worldwide, with almost 320,000 international students.

Learn German online © Canva

Learn German Online

Are you interested in language and culture? Learning languages also means gaining an insight into the culture and life of the local residents.

Reisen und Leben © Canva

Living and Travelling

Fancy a Tapetenwechsel*? (*wallpaper change = a change of scenery). Germany is a safe country with a high standard of living and an open multicultural society.