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Debating Competition 2018 © Goethe-Institut London

Mon, 26.11.2018 -
Wed, 27.03.2019

Asking critical questions, expressing views on political topics, listening to opinions of others, and responding to them in an objective and fair way – all these key competences can be promoted by debating.
Therefore, last year’s successful format of the debating competition is returning. The Goethe-Institut invites secondary school students to take part in a competition to engage with questions about the future of Europe.
There will be different rounds in which the participating schools compete against each other. At the end, all students will be invited to the final in which the two winning teams will show their language skills.
The preliminary rounds will take place at participating schools whilst the final will take place in London.
In order to prepare the students for the competition and to ensure that they can express themselves at the appropriate language level, the Goethe-Institut provides teachers with useful phrases.
The debating competition offers a great chance to actively use the German language in an authentic setting and at the same time to get to know other secondary school students from across the United Kingdom. Debating in a foreign language will bring immeasurable benefits to significantly improve the student’s communication skills.
If you are interested, please apply with a team of four year 12 students (4th year of learning German) and return the application form below to Dominique Böert
Spaces for taking part in the competition are limited and you will be confirmed after the deadline.
Deadline for applications: 2nd November 2018
1st  round: 26 November – 7 December 2018
2nd round: 28 January – 01 February 2019
3rd round: 11 March – 12 March 2019
Final: 26 or 27 March 2019  - date to be confirmed