Online Seminar Show & Tell with Marian Devons: Developing active phonics in the German classroom

Show & Tell: Developing active phonics in the German classroom © Getty Images / Goethe-Institut

Mon, 29.03.2021

5:00 PM - 5:40 PM


for primary teachers

Show & Tell with Marian Devons: Developing active phonics in the German classroom, with a footnote on developing multicultural German resources

Having seen the reported success of such schemes as Physical French Phonics (Sue Cave) and Physical Spanish Phonics (Jean Haig, Jenny Bell, Sue Cave) I was inspired to start using some of the same techniques in my Year 3 German lessons. The children and I looked at the 'Special German sounds' that we had come across so far and made up physical actions to help us to remember them. This has helped the children with both reading new words and writing the ones they have heard. I will take you through our system, which is still a work in progress, and give you ideas to help you in your classroom.
One of my passions is to show children that the German speaking world is also not limited to central Europe. In the last year, I have researched a few areas of the world where German is spoken as a recognised minority language and tried to bring these into my language classroom. I will share some of these with you and hopefully inspire you to do some research of your own to share back.

Marian Devons has been a primary school teacher for 26 years, gradually moving from a KS2 class teacher to her current role as PPA cover German teacher to the whole of KS2 in a London, 3 form entry primary school. She has a degree in German and Russian, as well as a Primary PGCE. Recently, she was appointed to the role of 'Expert Teacher for Languages' within her Academy Trust. Many of her cultural references come from living in Munich for 3 years as a young teen, in Berlin for 6 months in 89/90 as a student and frequent family holidays as an adult.

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