Film Screening Windows on Monday

Windows on Monday by Ulrich Köhler © Ulrich Köhler, Windows on Monday

Wed, 20.02.2019

8:00 PM

Deptford Cinema

+ Shortfilm 'Rakete' & 'White Calf'

Extending the structural metaphor at the base of Bungalow, Ulrich Köhler’s follow-up film is a provocative and plausible thought-experiment that fittingly goes one conceptual and microsociological step further. Another study of the individual in society, and a character in a restless relationship with their surroundings, Windows on Monday sees its protagonist Nina (Isabelle Menke) make the seemingly straightforward decision to leave behind her husband and child—one made not from apathy or aimlessness, but as an agentive enactment of free will and personal freedom. Realising this what-if scenario in a developing style that resists any outward or broad dramatisation, Köhler’s film asks whether such an escape from social structure is in fact possible.

Germany, 2006, colour, 88mins, digital, with English subtitles.
Directed by Ulrich Köhler. With Isabelle Menke, Hans-Jochen Wagner, Trystan Pütter.

+ Rakete: Germany, 1999, colour, 10mins, digital.
Directed by Ulrich Köhler and Nina Könnemann

+ White Calf: Germany, 2005, colour, 4mins, digital.
Directed by Ulrich Köhler and Jeanne Faust