Film TRANS - I Got Life

Verena dances © Antje Kroeger

Wed, 26.01.2022

6:15 PM

Glasgow Film Theatre

Doris Metz, Imogen Kimmel | Germany 2019 | 96 min | German with English subtitles | Documentary

"TRANS is not a curse or a disease"

The documentary accompanies the renowned doctor and transgender surgeon Dr Schaff, who has been performing gender reassignment surgeries for many years and is also constantly developing the available surgical methods. At the same time, the film also focuses on some of his patients, who are each in very different phases of their transition. The spectrum of those portrayed ranges from San Francisco, where the focus is on the future of transgender surgery, to Russia, where operations and other measures can only be carried out in secret.The film offers rarely seen insights into trans people's often torn sense of life and the complex psychological, hormonal and often also surgical aspects of their transition.