Performance Life Drawing Performance

Artist draws dancer in performance © 2021 Kristine Schille/Maiko Nishino

Tue, 28.03.2023

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM GMT

Goethe-Institut Glasgow

Dancer Maiko Nishino collaborates with artist Gabriel Schmitz

Performance with dancers and sketching

Dance and its potential for creating new possibilities for movement and bodily comportment that we have not yet imagined come together here with an artistic practice of drawing as challenge to what we think we know.

Visual artist Gabriel Schmitz traces his drawing style to Marxist cultural theorist John Berger, who famously said what we see and its relation to what we know is never settled. The rules of perspective are about order, authority, and the single eye that is the centre of the visible world. But what happens when time and space connect and become entangled, as happens in dance? These questions are explored in this collaboration with the dance makers Carmen Berbel Lapaz, Francesca Till, and Alexandra Tsiapi.

Carmen Berbel Lapaz is a dance professional with a multidisciplinary background, working with design, improvisation, performance, collaboration and ensemble work. Facilitation practice focused on inclusive and community dance.

Francesca Till is a movement artist based in Glasgow who trained in Dundee at the SSCD. Fran's personal practice is focused on a continuous exploration of movement possibilities, balancing physicality and safe practice, explored not only through dance but also through hiking, yoga, pilates,  climbing and also through everyday walking, standing, structure arrangement and awareness. Fran is a member of Vaiven Movement Collective with Jenna Corker, Alexandra Tsiapi and Carmen Berbel. Fran also collaborates with the dance school Il Laboratorio in Fran's home town of Cremona (IT).

Alexandra Tsiapi's practice is rooted in movement improvisation and is inspired by somatic practises, in the belief that art should inspire, provoke critical thinking and discussion, and inform and comfort the soul. The relationships developed between moving bodies is a recurring theme in Alexandra's practice, which researches intimacy and care and how we can coexist in a group as people/dancers. Dance for Alexandra is connection and communication, two principles that drive Alexandra's life. 
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