Film screening and Q&A Sisi & I

Sisi & I © DCM_Bernd Spauke

Tue, 09.01.2024

7:35 PM - 9:30 PM

Glasgow Film Theatre

Opening Film and Q&A

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Frauke Finsterwalder, hosted by Lauren Clarke.

Frauke Finsterwalder | Germany / Switzerland / Austria 2023 | 123 min | Feature Film | FSK (Germany) 12 | German with English subtitles.

Cast: Sandra Hüller, Susanne Wolff, Georg Friedrich

Irma Countess von Sztáray does not have it easy. Shortly before her application to become lady-in-waiting to Empress Elisabeth of Austria and Queen of Hungary known as "Sisi", Irma gets a bloody nose in all the excitement. Then, at court, she is put on display like a prize cow and interrogated. At Sisi’s summer residence on Corfu, Irma first has to prove her athleticism in sadistic exercises and is then put on a diet of cocaine extracts before she finally meets the moody and erratic empress in person. In between laxative teas and watery soups, hikes and beauty treatments, the two very different women quickly become close – though only as close as Sisi will allow, naturally. But every summer has an end, and when they return to Vienna, the lives of Sisi and Irma change drastically.
Source: 73. Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin

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