Performance Second Foundation - Claire Tolan and Kei Kreutler

© Claire Tolan_Second Foundation Foto: Second Foundation / Claire Tolan

Tue, 27.10.2015

7:00 PM

Goethe-Institut London

Please join us on for an evening of chocolate fountains, ASMR Karaoke, delegated drinking, group ice-breakers, ICHING, and Groundcourse – inspired social experimentation. Led by [ SPACE ] and Goethe-Institut’s inaugural Perlin Noise sound artist Claire Tolan and Bloomberg sponsored INFRA_SPECTION artist Kei Kreutler, the soirée will feature group activities led by a specially-selected party of GROUP LEADERS. The evening acts both as a homage to Roy Ascott’s seminal Groundcourse programme and marks the first in the series of Second Foundation events and interventions exploring new structures of alternative pedagogy within the context of networked culture.

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