Film Fukushima, mon Amour

Fukushima © Mathias Bothor / Majestic

Thu, 30.11.2017

Filmhouse Edinburgh

88 Lothian Road
EH3 9BZ Edinburgh

Doris Dörrie / Germany 2016 / 104min / German with english subtitles

Marie, a young German woman, escapes to Fukushima in a bid to change her life. Working with the organization Clowns4Help, she strives to bring joy to survivors of the 2011 catastrophe who are still living in emergency shelters. Marie soon realizes she's absolutely unsuited to the task of making tragedy less wearing. Instead of running away, though, she decides to stay with cantankerous old Satomi, the last geisha of Fukushima, who of her own accord has decided to retreat back to her destroyed house in the former radioactive exclusion zone. These two women couldn't be more different, but each in her own way is trapped in the past and must learn to liberate herself from guilt and the burden of memory.

Event Series: FOKUS 2017/18